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By  PirateSnozzle  |  8

Presumably they're clean now and perhaps didn't want to share that particular story with a child. If you found out from them then as upsetting as it may be they obviously feel you're mature enough to handle the truth now. If someone else told you then that's unfortunate and perhaps worth a conversation with both the person that told and your parents. Your parents need to know that someone spoke out of turn.

Also, just because they met there doesn't mean you were conceived/born there. Or, perhaps finding out they were pregnant with you was the push they needed to sort themselves out which could only be seen as a good thing, right?

By  Surewhatever  |  35

Well, since this seems to be a shock to you, they must be doing much better. I'm probably going to tell my kid he was conceived on acid maybe when he's in his 20s. But the key point would be that I immediately straightened up when I found out I was pregnant, I hope your parents also had a sudden, huge lifestyle change!