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The amount of thumbs down on this are going to be glorious. Delete your account, dye your hair, get plastic surgery. You're not going to want to be remembered being the 'first' guy.


Lol at the kids getting into hysterics over a "bad" first comment. Why bother treating it like its an international crisis? It doesn't matter, lol. I agree with 27.

  riax  |  9

Ohhh I see... I was wondering Wth he wrote that could've gotten so much negativity. Should've seen it coming... ppl who care excessively over such a comment need to get a life. I don't really like them either, waste of my brain cells even glimpsing at those comments, but it's not a big deal~

  AwsumShyGuy  |  12

Actually, mice are scavengers. They pick up whatever you don't eat. And domesticated mice are actually pretty cute in my opinion.

Rats are just bigger mice.

On a semi-related topic, it's weird reading this while watching Tom and Jerry.

  bearkat420  |  3

Haha that landlord is pretty smart. Instead of spending money for an exterminator he flips it around on you, and accuses you of having a pet. Lol what a boss.