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  cakefete2  |  30

Agreed. Recorders are evil instruments forged in the fires of hell. They are more designed for migraines than for music. Have you ever seen a famous recorder recording artist? Yea, me either.

  brenton490  |  19

Recorders were forged in heart of mount doom!! Only there can you cast it back into the fire and release the world from its evil. We must form a fellowship. You have my violin, my trumpet, and my tuba.

  Pajammerz  |  3

Actually the $1 recorders kids are given are bad, and kids that play them are bad because they're new to music. Recorders are a baroque/renaissance instrument that can sound very beautiful, especially the wooden ones used by professionals that play in recorder ensembles. Recorders are played at the beginning of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, a song thought by many to be the best rock song of all time. Look up recorder ensemble on youtube and click on the first result, its lovely.

By  misslysiak  |  23

You poor thing. I couldn't even stand listening to others play the recorder when I was in primary school and we had to play it. I think if I heard it again now I'd be getting very suicidal

  mageepaigeee44  |  15

Yea elementary schools give kids recorders a lot. Mine did. OP are you sure the kids parents gave it to them? Not that it makes the situation any better for you either way but if they have to learn it for school I would just get some ear plugs or something.