By ven980 - 01/06/2011 21:21 - United States

Today, I had to blow up an air mattress using only my lungs. After nearly passing out from lack of oxygen, I realized there was a hole in it. FML
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sorry but that's really funny

that's what you get for being a cheapskate and not buying a pump.

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I've done that before it's not that hard it took like thirty minuets but still it not that hard to blow up an air mattress with only your lungs

sounds like u have some blowing experience!!

patch it up..?? 38- "oh, i have a blow up mattress, but im just gonna sleep on a blanket and pillow. yeah, sounds comfy."

You must be really good at blowing...

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Sounds like my kind of moron though. I could use their services. I have a...mattress they can inflate.

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I agree. What a ******* idiot.

that's why you get a bicycle pump, dumbass

32, how much does it cost you to go to walmart or party city and buy a freaking pump?

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seriously. the cheap ones are less than 5 bucks. $10 gets you an automatic one.

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that's y u check b4 u start to blow?

I sort of hope it was a joke about how every FML on this site seems to have someone misusing the word Karma. Probably not though :/

A hole, or a vortex to another dimension?

My bet is it's just a hole in the mattress.

I'm with with guy^^ my guess would be just a hole in the mattress

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This is how we do it in Oklahoma.

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Well then I'm glad I'm not from Oklahoma.

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Wish I could say the same.

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So you blow and blow but you didn't know that your blowing a think that doesn't blows. why would you even blow that thing you need to blow if you can't blow it. Man you got blows.

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i think your boyfriend did that so that you can get some practice in ;)

That's not how a ******* works. Also, I really hope he only has one hole.

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you would know how a ******** works.

Sounds like your blowing skills are lacking...