By Colin Jr. - 23/09/2015 13:24 - United States

Today, it's the third week of my dad's midlife crisis. So far he's blown half my college fund pimping out his piece of shit car, keeps texting me meme pictures, and keeps yelling "Savage!" and "Recked!" any time my mom makes a joke at anyone's expense. FML
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That's a pretty extreme midlife crisis.

maryic4ever 19

Once he sees how fucked up the younger generation is I bet he will go back to normal


That's a pretty extreme midlife crisis.

lexiieeex3 32

It all seems manageable (annoying, but manageable) except for the college fund spending... That shit's not okay.

I was really hoping first comment would say "SAVAGE!".. That would have made my day.

maryic4ever 19

Once he sees how fucked up the younger generation is I bet he will go back to normal


Like past generations didn't have cringeworthy trends and fucked up things about them.

andrmac 25

Well when he starts trying to hang out with you and your friends when you go out it will only get worse.

You really need to start worrying once he begins saying he 360 no-scoped your mom last night

He f*cking wut m80? But seriously, that sucks OP...

Better start applying for scholarships.

Sounds best that he spends that hard earned money on that pos car than his bitching kid

To be fair, in a lot of places it's expected for parents to help their kids with school (especially if you live somewhere where school is extremely expensive). A parent doesn't HAVE to, but if they tell their kids "we'll help you out, don't worry," and their kids take that into account while making their own savings (maybe paying for things, like a certain car, that they wouldn't have if they had thought it was out of their budget), it makes it really hard for them to jump back from such a set back. I've been saving up for school since before the age of 10, but that's because I was aware that my parents would not be paying for my education. If there was a legitimate reason, I'd understand, but a midlife crisis? And there are so many other potential reasons this could be messed up.

SystemofaBlink41 27

"Dad, I think we need to talk..." "no u"

captmiller1 15

*mlg noise shit*

*airhorns Intensifie*

Three weeks in and just the beginning

Is your dad Randy Marsh?

christinamarie17 29

Haha #10 I love Randy in the newer episodes of South Park. I certainly wouldn't want him for a dad, but "Cock Magic" was hilarious.