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By nekogirl15 - 27/10/2011 01:38 - United States

Today, I convinced my best friend to talk to the guy I like at work to find out if he was interested in me. She came back ten minutes later, and told me he said he'd never be able to date me. Apparently, kissing me "would be like making out with Mother Teresa's corpse." FML
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I wonder what made him not want to date her if she has an upside like that.

At least she was honest. Some friends lie and to make you feel better prompting you to horrendously embarrass yourself in front of your crush

n_epic_fail 14

With his attitude you can bet he's not getting any, so necrophilia is his only option, or overpriced STD infested prostitutes... Yea OP, move on. Or just **** his brother.

n_epic_fail 14

With that attitude you can bet he's not getting any, so necrophilia is his only option, or overpriced STD infested prostitutes... Yea, just let that train pass you by OP a better one is coming along.

Buy a blue and white headdress and wear it in front of him...

45, neko means cat in Japanese, it has nothing to do with necrophelia

94- obviously I didn't think her name was such because necrophilia, I just laughed at the fact that the two words seemed so close.

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come the next day all badass!

126, please leave the USA, you're making us look bad. In every FML.

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FMLandurstoo 9
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How's your dog doing herb? :)

Get back here you mustly armed sumababitch...

Maybe he said it because kissing her would be heavenly. (see what I did there)

First. And Mother Theresa is a beautiful woman, so don't be ashamed.

flockz 19

i always wanted to know what ******* a zombie would be like.....

flockz 19

eh, nevermind on second thought. it would always be trying to eat me. zombies do tend to do that.

Just find the ones with gums only and you're golden.

flockz 19

but the only time they would give me head is when they wanted brain in return. and i'm not down for that shit.

It's about what they want until you get what you want. After that, well, it's getting late and they gotta go.

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Well flockz when I was young I wanted to know the same thing so I invested in a ball gag. Good times but after a while the smell gets really bad, and im not just talking about rotting flesh.

What the hell is that even supposed to mean??!!

cudi504 4

It means that the dude has some ****** up thoughts.

She's too sweet! Clearly he's clumsy with words. He probably meant her reincarnation, not her corpse.

He knows what that feels like to make out with a corpse? I think him not being interested is a good thing if that's the case....

SilverInGray 25

I wonder if kissing Mother Teresa's corpse is different from kissing any other corpse...

Well it looks different, especially depending on how long it has been decomposing (I mean the other corpse we're comparing it to)

oh you don't know, where have you been. Corpse kissing has taken over planking and owling

SilverInGray 25

I must have missed the new fad, there.

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Lucky what? Specify what you are talking about dude.

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When did he make out with a nun's dead corpse?

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Boys can be terrible... Sorry OP. The only nice thing about him being direct (as harsh as it was) is you can move on easier!