By UTRejected - 21/11/2014 13:51 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I was selling winter-themed cookies at my university. I cheerfully asked a girl if she would like to buy cookies to support peer tutoring. Her response? "I don't eat food." FML
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thee_most_dope 30

maybe she meant junk food? or....i really dont know.

I'm not sure if it was an awkward rejection to your cookies, or that she may be anorexic which is a much more serious problem.


thee_most_dope 30

maybe she meant junk food? or....i really dont know.

Murilirum 23

I'd honestly just start laughing at that statement. It's obviously not true but how do you even respond to that...?

My grandfather (rip) was a geography teacher. At one point he started getting anonymous calls. After many many calls he got pissed and asked WTF do you want from me? A creepy voice responded slowly: we want your brains! Aaaaanyway... Maybe it's the same thing.

I agree. Maybe she did mean junk food. Unless she only consumes juice drinks to stay alive. :)

Some idiots go on "air diets" where they just breathe heavily with the occasional juice.

T_Young96 13

I'm waiting on a following FML that says, "Today my social anxiety was so overwhelming that I anxiously responded to this hot guy/girl selling cookies that I "don't eat food". FML"

She may be anorexic, when I starved myself I know I said that a lot when people offered me food.

MzZombicidal 36

While her response was unsavory at least be proud, OP! You're doing something awesome! :D FYL for having to handle students like that, though.

iLike2Teabag 27

I'm assuming OP is selling the cookies at U of Toronto (from name and location). I go there and everyone I know loves cookies. That girl is abnormal.

I'm not sure if it was an awkward rejection to your cookies, or that she may be anorexic which is a much more serious problem.

cryssycakesx3 22

yeah but if she were struggling she probably wouldn't go around announcing it. just my guess though.

One of my closest friends has an eating disorder, and she talks about it so casually sometimes that when she first told me I thought she was joking.

Or possibly she's just sick of people selling stuff/asking for donations/etc. I haven't had the balls to say it but often when people ask I really wanna just shout 'sorry, I don't believe in helping others!' Kinda horrible but I don't believe in guilt donations and you do get sick of it when every third person you pass is asking for something.

cryssycakesx3 22

I understand, 55. my boyfriend has said "I don't believe in charity, charity is stupid..."

A lot of times charities can be rip offs, too. United Way got busted a few years back with pocketing most of the cash.

Maybe she's on that photosynthesis diet c:

MzZombicidal 36

Faith in humanity... hitting... dangerously low levels... best get on FML... there's nothing... but good stories on there...

Yeah it's all of humanity's fault. This girl doesn't want his cookies? ******* abolish all of human race then why don't you.


She could have been anorexic, OP. You also should not be complaining about ts, as you do not know if there was anything going on with her.

no, because any actual anorexic person isn't going to announce that "hey guys! I'm anorexic. I won't buy your cookies because I'd rather starve myself! " is much more likely that she just didn't want to buy OP's cookies and make a really bad excuse instead of saying they didn't want any. kind of like saying "I'm not from here." when petition people ask if you're registered to vote. you don't want to say "yes, but I'm not interested," because you don't want to come off as rude, but you also don't want to actually talk to them because you'll probably end up signing the petition out of awkwardness even though you really have no idea what exactly their agenda is. I awkwardly signed a petition once that I ended up voting against, and then started getting emails saying "thank you for being a supporter of this measure.

I think she was anorexia....she could be open about her condition and way to be stereotypical about anorexia it's not always like that

I said an actual anorexic person wouldn't normally do that. you're the one stereotyping by saying "Well she openly said she doesn't eat food, so the only logical conclusion for why she said that is she's anorexic." anorexia is pretty serious, and most people who suffer from it don't want to acknowledge anything's wrong or that they're hurting themselves, let alone openly tell random strangers about it like it's no big deal.

She doesn't seem to deserve the joy of cookies anyway!

thee_most_dope 30

that was my first thought! lol

How. It's probably daytime and OP wouldn't get a lot of business in nighttime. Twilight has ruined this generation

Oh hush. Vampires existed years before Twilight

#50, anything is possible. Could be a daylighter, anyhow. Twilight was totally boring and just stares and.heavy breathing but....

Well, that seems a little unbelievable. I guess it's a nice way to avoid talking to you. Could have been a lot worse.

That's one way to stay thin. Reeeeeeeaaaaaally thin.