By crookedteeth - United States
Today, for my birthday, my mom presented me with a $4,000 check to pay for my braces. I've been very self-conscious about my teeth for years. Everyone applauded and told me how happy they were for me. Later, my mom asked me for the check back. Apparently it was just meant to make her look good. FML
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  CDS09  |  0

agreed, that is just dick to do something like that to look good. She obviously didnt take into account your feelings at all, so screw her, cash the check as fast as you can.

  Zombierella  |  2

i don't get why people complain so much about crooked teeth
i have everything but crooked teeth!
i got braces a few days ago
& had a bunch of different things for the past few years
& im getting 2 teeth implants in a few months
and that is for the front part of it, not the back part like some people complain
& im getting jaw surgery soon |:
FFS your teeth are nearly perfet to me if you have them all & they arent misplaced >< GEEZ

  gigi37  |  0

Wow Zombierella, (love the name) that sounds horrible. I hope that all works out and is as un-painful as can be =(

OP: the joke is on your mom, when people notice your teeth haven't changed, or not wearing the braces, you can just tell them what a horrid joke your mom played.
If it's not too late, cash the check before you "give it back" so she can't cancel it.

  brrrx  |  0

Zombierella: no one cares. This FML is stupid enough without you trying to one-up it.

OP: What kind of idiot actually expects a $4,000 birthday gift?

  Monado  |  0

I complain about crooked teeth because until I got my braces, I was teased every single day by my peers for 6 years. 6 dreadful, depressing years that I can never forget.

  BrEnNo1023  |  5

people need to NOT assume everbody in the world is from AMERICA. this is the internet for crying out loud.
People also need to stop judging people over little physical imperfections. just because your teeth aren't perfectly formed andstraight, or even if your eyebrows are just a few millimetres too long or too wide, doesn't mean you're retarded.
Grow up, and realise just how close to being Hitler you actually are - he with his 'perfect race'.

Seriously, now...

  gwenhwyfaer  |  0

Better: "Well, mom, you can have this check back, but only if you let me give it back to you in front of everyone, the way you gave it to me". The price of her vanity should be exactly $4000.

  talli  |  0

Exactly what I was thinking. She'll look way worse in the long run. Or maybe she's planning on blaming the OP and saying that she squandered the money.

  hahathatsux  |  0

ummmm from your comment i can see you don't know how logic works
if she took the check back then OP won't be able to get her teeth fixed which everyone is expecting her to do so what #7 was sayin is how will OP explain to all the people who saw her mom give her the check why her teeth are still fucked up


i would have said my moms a selfish bitch who only did that just so people thought she had a kind heart but later she asked for the check back and said she only did it to look good.

  ForestFire0  |  1

That would be sort of hard to do: track everyone who was there down and tell them "My bitch of a mom took back the check!". Even if she did, she would look bad too, since she went out of her way to expose her mom. She should just explain what happened whenever someone asks her about the braces.