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Today, I missed a call from my mom. It's my birthday, and glad she remembered, I called back to thank her. She was surprised when I brought up going out for dinner, and asked me what the occasion was. FML
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Tristyxxx 24

Dear OP Happy birthday. Sincerely, Your friends from FML

she forgot because she didn't sign in to Facebook


enonymous 8

"Well I was going to kill you for not remembering my birthday, but now you ruined the surprise."

Idonebeenhad 17

reminds me of that walmart commercial

Invite everyone that the mom knows so that she's like "WTF"

Or tell her on the phone that you are celebrating that you lost your virginity

how do women not remember when a watermelon comes thier ******? to me it's be quite scarring

2ndSucks 15

I think I would remember... good lord, all that pain. I feel like it'd be unforgettable.

enonymous 8

I remember pushing a watermelon out my urethra. It was glorious. I'm sad that he is seedless so I will never know what it will be like to be a grandfather

Happy Birthday, you filthy little mudblood!

kaykay9080 5

If I had kids I w0uldn't remember their names~

el_paso_guy89 0

you and your damn "0's" again!!! for the love of Christ!! stop it!

kaykay9080 5

If I had kids I w0culdn't remember their names~

thaïs cause tour a crack *****. no offence

-78 Damn I was so sure calling someone a crack ***** was offensive.. I guess I just don't know that much.

bamagrl410 31

No offense, but the whole "my parents forgot my birthday" isn't interesting anymore. It sucks that people's parents forget, and it's very rude of them to do, but it seems that people post it on her like every day.

Hey, at least FML celebrates your birthday

AllThatHit 7
hotrod14 0

u can't blame the mom the child is out if the house and the mom is probably getting old and has a strictly selective memory?

ilovepoppa 0

We have the same birthday(; but happy late birthday!!!!(:

Wow. great mom. sucks. sorry. happy bday tho.

Tristyxxx 24

Dear OP Happy birthday. Sincerely, Your friends from FML

That show scared the shit outta me when I was younger. That damn cgi mummy episode...

cradle6 13

35- "Return the slabbbbb." Damn that scared me more than anything else when I was a kid.

Omg I thought I was the only one who remembered that episode! Yeah that episode scared me shitless! So frickinn scary

I still get scared just thinking about that episode. Ugh,

Alexa, occasionally they show it, in the morning.

that episode scared the crap out of me when I was younger. course now I just laugh at it. my favorite episode is the one where they played the song "it's a gerbil world" or something like that. it's been forever since I seen the episode :/

JustAnotherKid4U 5

not such a memorable kid, huh?

Hope that she was kidding? Or maybe they plan to surprise you?

borkchop1992 15

that sucks atleast she cared enough to call you for something else

Sunny_Eclipse 6

A mother's love... She raises you fine, then sets you off into the world and forgets your existence.

If she forgot about her daughters existance she never would have called to begin with. I don't understand why it's such a big deal that she didn't remember. For all we know the OP's mother has been too busy dealing with hassles life throws at you.

baee2k11 0

well i think thats kinda ridiculous..i dont care how much ur going through you shouldnt forget your kids birthday. S M H