By Poor Student - 05/12/2011 22:30 - Canada

Today, my mother "borrowed" money from my stash to help pay for her vacation to the Dominican Republic. The same trip I'm not allowed to go on. FML
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Damn what a selfish bitch

Are you really going to put up with that crap?


Damn what a selfish bitch

This FML reminds me of the time my mom borrowed money from me to supposedly put gas in the car, and came back with the tattoo I wanted -_____-

Time to hide your stash

OP fucking stand up for urself don't be a pussy -.-

Did she have fun seeing all of the poverty there?

is that like Banana Republic

62- do you live on earth? The Dominican republic is obviously a country...

OP needs to start charging taxes..

uh pretty sure Banana Republic is a nice sweater store

while she's gone sell her stuff

Time to get a bank account; having your funds in a "stash" is just asking to get nicked.

Damn OP you go and kick her in the balls right now, that just sucks and Dominican Republic is the best place I've ever gone in my life, although that time it was without my family, for obvious reasons

with all the fees you are getting nicked at the bank

it is funny, but sad :( I feel bad for you OP!

2- fyl for thinking youre funny..

69- FYL for misspelling you're.

104- FML for being told

107- fyl for getting told.. The level of maturity on this argument blows me away!

Are you really going to put up with that crap?

Your picture goes great with that comment!

I know, she is a bitch, but you can't do much to your paremts

Well obviously she's been looking at your stash, so she would know if you're broke or not. That still doesn't explain her business stealing your money though. Maybe you should keep your money in the bank in an individual account?

I's like Boyz n tha in the mattress and shit...Really? You should at least get some good DR weed out of this...

Some how, I doubt OP has much privacy...probably controlling parents, might not be able to get an account without "permission"

21- I dont think controlling parents are going to steal money from their kid to go to the Dominican Republic WITHOUT him. He would be able to do anything in their absence.

But how could the OP _afford_ to do anything?

A trip to the local pawn shop with a car full of her shit.. Yea u could probably get a few dollars while she's gone lol

Dont you just love it when parents "borrow" money from their children?

My mom owns me 3000 that I was saving for my car which I been saving for 3 years. Being a full time student mind you that i only earn 170 per week...

I hate it. My mother "borrowed" $40 because she did not have enough money on her yet she goes to get her hair done twice month.

Yup. I let mine borrow $100 then she decides she wants to find the most random things that I supposedly owe her that I know I paid for months ago. That money was going to be for my textbooks! Damn parents...

That's terrible. Make her pay you back every cent.

With interest (she wont ever steal, oops "borrow", money from you again).

I figured out interest and usury when I was ten. That kept bitches from borrowing from me!

Don't expect to get the money back

Lol excuses now ur a broke student

* now she's really a broke student.

*lack of laughter

When parents "borrow," don't expect to get it back anytime soon, or even at all.... :/ fyl OP

Well "borrow" some of her money, then go to a different island

I think that was the issue in the first place, the mum didn't have any money...

hahhah well....when ever she gets money...THEN take it