By liynda - 06/05/2011 01:49 - Canada

Today, I knocked on the door of the bathroom to make sure nobody was in there before I walked in. Then I remembered I live alone. FML
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xRegretItAll 3

At least no one saw that.. (:

awe. I'm sorry. maybe just a habit. I do it too.


awe. I'm sorry. maybe just a habit. I do it too.

Eh. This isn't so bad I do it all time out of habit.

happens to the best us. your not alone OP :)

At least noone saw you do itttt (:

NastyNinja31 0

if sumone answerd u that wud b a fml

You live alone? That's what YOU think....

xRegretItAll 3

At least no one saw that.. (:

im pretty sure i saw it on

salmonbean 0

well we all know about it now......

Justine Malang 16

Yet everyone knows about it XD

Heather_x0x0 6


MarkFeehily 0

You can never be too careful, I guess? :P

zuzupetalsYO 11

even if it's imaginary

Do you say "goodnight" or "good morning" out loud too?

Now who the hell shouts that everytime?

I guess the OP. Did you read the story or you’re thinking that the OP is asking cockroaches’ permission to use the bathroom?

laughattack98 0

I think OP should get a forever alone hoodie

yyeess!!! hahaha

Have you been living alone for a long time? If not, then it's not really that weird.

Yeah, for about a week after my roommate moved out of our apartment, I was still in all the habits of making enough food for two and knocking before entering rooms. I see no FML in this..

BamBarBiYaKergud 2

Its funny and sad. get an kitten or puppy to not to be alone at least hehe

thats how people start turning into the crazy cat lady in the block

Good thing nobody else was around to hear it.