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Today, I found out I wasn't invited to my neighbor's funeral, with whom I had been good friends with for a long time. When I asked her husband why, he said, "We have a small amount of money and can't afford for you to eat all of the refreshments." FML
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I really don't get having a big appetite at a funeral

Then you probably haven't been to too many funerals. Maybe the close family and friends are too upset to have an appetite (even though some people resort to comfort food when they are grieving), but most of the acquaintances, distant relatives, neighbors, coworkers etc. who attend the funeral are sad, but not that traumatized (because they weren't so close to the deceased) to not be able to eat. Besides, in many cultures it is customary to share a meal in the memory of the deceased after the funeral. It is an opportunity to talk about the deceased, share memories and let the family know they are not alone.

18, I don't either, but that's still a really rude thing to say to someone who has been friends with the deceased for some time.

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I guess he already buried your friendship.

Hmmmmm...Perhaps your past eating frenzies have come up from the past to haunt you?

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So many angry buffet owners...

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For real, I've seen people be asked to leave all you can eat buffets!

Just go to the funeral without attending the wake.

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Risky move, husband might throw a shit fit

It doesn't sound risky. It would give OP an opportunity to say goodbye to an old friend without interfering with her husband.

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A similar situation happened to one of my friends who went to a funural against his sisters will (who thought she was the boss of everything) in the middle of the service she got up and started bitching him out in the middle of everyone when she found out he came to the funeral anyway. She got so bad, my friend was forced to leave getting shit looks from everyone there like he realy did something wrong. Thats not something anyone should have to go through

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Maybe he just wants to drown his sorrows with food. seriously though, how rude of him to do that! Sorry OP!

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Gotta watch that cash flow, nobody wants to end up on the streets

Wow that's insanely rude, hopefully it's just because he's deliriously sad and not just his normal self :/ sorry for the loss OP!

I may sound really grave here, but you shouldn't dig yourself into a hole and tell him he needs to be coffin up more money than he can afford. Don't be judgmental tomb much, but be supportive and understanding. Of corpse I could be dead wrong.

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Oh shit you beat everyone to the punch

This is bad. You should feel bad, but also *golf clap* now go home.

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Its DocBastard people. You cant talk shit about DocBastard

its good to see that x-ray of a bottle up someone's ass in the comment section.

FML - an interesting place where seeing an x-ray of a bottle up someone's ass is a good thing.