By Koda - 06/05/2011 04:27

Today, I passed out when my blood sugar dropped. Three times. And each time, my roommate, who was right next to me, just let me fall because he liked the way my face looked. FML
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KennKenn 0

Did your butt hurt each time you woke up?

Damn OP, you need to keep a Blood sugar monitor nearby to prevent future incidents. Maybe you can keep it in a black pouch that looks like a change purse.


KennKenn 0

Did your butt hurt each time you woke up?

You sir win at life.

If he wins at life he would be the most famous person in existence. I don't know him.,,

1# couldn't have put it better myself

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

#7 your worse than a grammar nazi.

Ok 16 what is worst than a grammar Nazi? And it's "You're" not "your".

ElGranOrgo 0

lmao win^^^

You're actually suppose to put worse instead of worst.

You look like someone I know.

KennKenn 0

33 - Me?

KennKenn 0

Oh, where are you from?

Hong Kong but I doubt you're the person I know unless you've decided to type much better, change your name and deducted a year off your age.

how do you guys distinguish one from the other in honk kong? I'm curios!!

KennKenn 0

I guess they all have different names. But that's just my guess :P But in all seriousness. Sometimes I can't even tell a guy from, say Japan to someone from China

Di55le 9

all y'all look alike to me

That's how I feel about you guys 67

No racism prease! Before I chop you with my Viking axe, and decorate my rice paddy hat with your teeth and pierce your eyeballs with my chopsticks.

KennKenn 0

75 - I can't tell if your asian. Must be a good thing too, Now kids can't say anything bad about where your from. But if your American, then I just wasted my time writing this.


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29- and YOU should say *supposed

Actually 29 is correct.

u wake up to him cumming in ur ass rofl

107- wow, you must have countless friends because you are so funny ha?

Beebow_fml 5

If it's medical you should have it under control in your room (assuming that's why your roomate is there)

trust me, when your blood sugar level drops the scramble for sugar never really ends well :/ the room mate is a idiot, I'd probably die if s/he was my room mate

ilikeyouuu 0

I agree with 2. When my blood sugar drops, I still have enough time to eat or drink something to prevent any episodes. especially at my house... I could see it happening POSSIBLY one time, but three?! come on, now, you're just being dumb and I wouldn't help you, either.

One time or three times - It's still a medical condition that needs attention. Way to be an ass. Even if OP had faked it or something, it's still not something to ignore in case it was real.

ThatSucksAlotYDI 0

Roomates an ass for not grabbin the. glucagon

Roommate is an ass for not getting op some oj or something. OP is dumb for not monitoring his/her blood sugar enough to allow 3 passouts.

Ooh I think he likes you!

ImaWiseGuy 5

did your roommate like the way your face looked before or after it slapped the ground, or was it a combination of both?

you should beat the shit out of him and tell him that you liked the way his face looked when he gets knocked out

YDI for not taking ur medicine.

That is, cookies.

>_> hypoglycaemia requires sugar, if op was having dka then your comment would be valid yet an assumption

I don't know why your comment is so unpopular since it's fair. After the first time you could've made some effort to regulate your sugar or called for help if you couldn't. Your roommate isn't your minder. Take care of yourself because clearly no one else will.

for someone who is diabetic or hypoglycemic, severely low blood sugar (like the levels needed to pass out) very much impairs cognitive function. op may have been too incapacitated to fix the problem, and the fact that the roommate didnt even care enough to find help (even if he didn't want to do it himself) is just wrong.

i understand that completely. i'm diabetic and its harder than everybody thinks to keep your blood sugar at a good level. you explain it verywell ^^^^^^ thanks

I agree the roommate is an arse. All the more reason why OP shouldn't be relying on him for help. There's usually some symptoms before you get to pass-out level. To not prepare in advance for these episodes is dangerous. What if the roommate is away?

agreed. people just think its so ******* easy for diabetics to manage everything. hell dome people even say they want disbetes so they cab get free candy. I'm like **** if i could give it to you I would. I hate people who dnt take disbetes Seriousley. Srry about spelling I am on an iPhone


Heather_x0x0 6

your roommate is a creep!!!

How would that make them a creep ?

So is your picture

wear a helmet !! protect ur head...

Also, an ass protector to keep your roommate at bay.

Take it as a compliment? :/ FYL though. Get s better room-mate.

Airick_TheGreat 2

haha sorry that's really not funny but it's a win for him

Damn OP, you need to keep a Blood sugar monitor nearby to prevent future incidents. Maybe you can keep it in a black pouch that looks like a change purse.

Holy shit, you're wonderful.

they basically all come in black pouches :/ it's also important to consider that hypos are not usually easy to detect by the body, there isn't really a need for a blood meter unless you are under medical supervision or to double check

ugliness shut the **** up.., op ydi because this fml is fake unless he's a complete idiot 1. a diabetic can FEEL when he's low 2. you dont pass out when your that low you go into a coma what was you bg? I would know seeing as I've had diabetes for nearly 11 years an I'm 15..... when I was 6 my bg went to 20 and I felt weak and blurry vision not pass out

... I was laughing at his reference to a previous FML, but okay.

49: if op is passing out three times from being hypo, he/she needs a glucose monitor. usually you can feel hypo long before it gets bad enough to pass out.

oh I see what you did there ha ha

Your roommate is really weird... I think it's time to find a new one if you can.