By Sam_Licker81 - United States
Today, I was baking cookies and opened the oven door to check on them. Apparently, wearing a gold necklace means the wave of heat will burn your very fair skin. I now have a bright red ring of stars around my neck. FML
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  TheTruth1428  |  0

Should have stuck with your first thought.

1) There's no reason for you to stick your face that close to the oven while opening it.
2) Gold doesn't absorb heat at a fast enough rate where one burst of hot air from the oven is going to make it burn your skin no matter how fair. If it was bad enough to get you from the air alone, your whole face would have been burnt.

Basically I'm saying that this is most likely false and YDI even if it is by some miracle true.

  alyren16  |  0

Sorry to burst your bubble but this happened to me too.
Just today in Foods class.. my "white" gold necklace burned my skin about 20 sec. after opening the oven.

Buuut anyway. I know how much that hurts.. hahahah i have red marks all along my neck and chest too

  spfraider46  |  0

hahahaha funny shit.. that happened to my friend... it was bad too.. he put a similar fml here haha...

  iSpaceShuttle  |  0

LMAO; Mee Tooo; 'cept it was My nose ring; Hurt Like Hell! =l
so i turnd n shoved My nose in the Jello; RIGHT as My Mum walks In
hoe now Calles My Jello Face XD Its Cute Tho

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

You aren't supposed to open the oven when you are baking something anyway. That is what an oven light is for..... when you open the oven door you let out all the heat which can sometimes "shock" what you are baking and it can screw it up.

By  Thanitos  |  0

Obviously fake.. you couldn't have at least made it interesting? like your hair caught on fire or a chocolate chip burst from one of the cookies and fused with your skin?