By Anonymous - 3/10/2020 20:01

Clean break

Today, I simultaneously learned that fracturing your penis is a thing that can happen while my wife fractured mine in the middle of some rough reverse cowgirl. My penis is now black and blue with an almost 90 degree bend, and to make it worse the ambulance guys thought it was funny. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  29

When they put your boner in a cast, make sure they leave a pee hole in the end.

Hopefully, they'll set your penis bone correctly so in 6-8 weeks, it will be as good as new.

By  mackdeezy  |  21

Look at it this way... you were busy having rough sex with your wife while those two had to deal with the sickly, injured, and the possibly deceased.

Last laugh, I'd say.

By  coius  |  23

That image made mine twitch in pain. I’ve known this can occur without ever having had it happen, let alone know anyone who had it happen to them. Hope you heal quick. Can I suggest doing everything to prevent a “stiffy” at any cost? Including either closing your eyes while your SO changes (in case thats a turn on) or taking showers alone (in the instance you and your SO showers together).
Not sure you want it to cause more pain by going erect. Wish you a happy and speedy recovery. Most pain i’ve had in intensity is i broke my femur in 2 places and tibia and fibula fraction and heel bone fracture when i landed hard skydiving (1st jump on my own, hit at 40mph, almost died) so not sure how painful breaking the penis is. I also broke my back and have constant pain, but nothing like that.