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Today, is the fourth day of my husband's and my new diet and exercise routine. I've already caught him eating junk food 4 times. He has lost 2 lbs and I've gained 3. FML
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expertsmilee 26

Men just lose it easier, it's ****** up, but for the most part true.

Some people have fast metabolisms, dont fret! Just do more cardio and maybe drink a protien shake in place of a meal if you want to gain muscle as well


Some people have fast metabolisms, dont fret! Just do more cardio and maybe drink a protien shake in place of a meal if you want to gain muscle as well

#1: OP's talking about 1 pound over a couple days; that's too small a difference to guarantee it's not just water-weight and poop.

Its a 5 pound difference since she gained 3 and he lost 2. Over 4 days. My comment still stands

Although, if she gains muscle, she'll put on weight too. Muscle is denser than fat.

Never replace a meal with a protein shake.. add a protein shake.

....also just drinking a protein shake won't gain you any muscle. You have to actually do weights or it will just turn into pure fat. If it were that easy to gain muscle then everyone would be ripped haha

Depends on the protien shake, and by meal i was thinking lunch or something. And of course, being fit requires effort As for muscle being denser than fat, absolutely, yes, but being heavy isn't necessarily unhealthy. Weighing 190 pounds from fat is drastically different than 190 from muscle :)

#53: Some shakes are actually specifically meal replacements and should, in fact, replace meals (1 if you want to maintain weight, 2 if you want to lose weight). Health is 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent exercise, and 100 percent mindset. Seriously, if you focus on becoming healthy... the weight will take care of itself. I am speaking through my own experience (both from my own journey of becoming healthy and from being a health and wellness coach) and the experience of so many others I have the great fortune to know.

Also, make sure you're not just looking at weight but body fat percentage. A person who weighs less does not automatically have less body fat. Sometimes their lack of weight equals a lack of muscle.

expertsmilee 26

Men just lose it easier, it's ****** up, but for the most part true.

mynameisshaye 15

#2 is right, men lose weight differently than women, and women retain water more! So don't worry! Keep confident!

However that's a really fast metabolism for four days. I call bs

tossaway2321 5

Probably because men like thick women not skinny muscular ones

It sucks, but it's true. It's due to women having more fat on their bodies for babies and birth, we just have to work a bit harder to get fit. Its just so much harder to lose weight. In health we learned that, for the most part, men don't really have to work for a flat stomach, just watch what they eat. It's so unfair:3

kirbs19 37

That cause women got the s*** side when it comes to genetics

But women have boobs and everyone knows boobs are the best thing in the world.

xninix_fml 36

@14 Lol yeah we do, and that's part of the reason it's harder for women to lose weight faster. Unless they have a really great metabolism.

Actually, #3, muscle is denser than fat, so if you do it right you could just gain weight. Genetic differences between genders doesn't do much to effect metabolism, it's genetics of your family. Obviously this gets way deeper than we're going to get here. But learn yourself on some Biology! And it's only been 4 days, give it some time

Actually 14, boobs aren't really that great. They're only good because they are squishy. That is why I like my boobs. Boobs give a ton of back pain and most the time are different sizes, and that's really annoying. But squishy overrules all.

Men tend to lose weight faster then women. Keep to it and I'm sure things will pay off.

Or maybe she's been eating junk food more than he has, lol.

Just keep trying OP:) If you give up now you won't progress at all. So just keep trying your best, in time you will see better results.

I read somewhere that snacking a lot can help with metabolism. So, basically, if you try to stop eating often, then you're just going to gain weight, but don't quote me on that.

It's when you eat multiple small meals a day rather than 2 big meals (breakfast and dinner) and 1 small meal (lunch) a day.

"if you try to stop eating often, then you're just going to gain weight." -ilovefall10

You can also try fasting which is what im trying, metabolism is just your body naturally burning off fat, but you you have a calorie deficiency your body will need to convert fat to calories.

KhaleesiDannie 26

That actually happened to me on accident I lost a lot of my appetite and started eating waaay less then I went to the doctor and I had gained 35 pounds so I started eating more regularly and drinking water and I lost 55 pounds

How the hell do you not notice that you gained 35lbs?!

brasiliano 16

#60, #55 was referring to #41's comment.

Yeah eating more often keeps your metabolism going. Not eating sends your body into starvation mode and you can actually gain weight.

FroggerForReal 11

that's just another motivation to get healthy and fit. And try to compete with your husband so you can lose more weight together

The average persons weight fluctuates 1-3 pounds everyday. Don't count it as weight gain unless its more than that Op. Don't worry about it too much

iAmPaul 49

Keep at it! You'll start seeing results eventually! Not everyone's the same, so it might take longer for you to make progress. And hey, those extra pounds might be water weight, or even muscle mass! ;)

Well, do it for your health also! And stop looking at just the scale numbers. You can thin up and still stay the same weight if fat is converted onto muscle?

AnOriginalName 19

Fat can't be converted into muscle. Adipose tissue (fat) and muscle tissue are composed of two completely different cell types, and the body has no means of converting between the two cell types.

#27 The idea that the weight of the fat burned and the muscle gained equals each other still gets across. Therefore the persons weight stays the same

Sorry, my first comment didn't show up so I reposted. Then it appeared.

Yeah true #27. But when most people say "convert" they mean burn fat and gain muscle instead.