By badbirthday - 16/03/2009 20:51 - Canada

Today, is my 16th birthday. Thinking that my parents would be out of town for it like they had every other year, I decided it would be fun to tan nude in my backyard. Apparantly my parents set up a surprise party for my sweet 16. I was standing naked infront of half my school. FML
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Well, on a plus least your parents started to care 16 years late?

pelvic thrust?


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If you're hot - good! If not - well... fyl :P

Well, on a plus least your parents started to care 16 years late?

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whatttt lol, that's funny.

pelvic thrust?

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double take three times


stomp on ur rite foot, dont forget it!

Now it's time to bring it around town.

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Then do this do that lalallabalahlbalaha!

and STOP

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that, was. epic.

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lmaooo that really sucks :(

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i can't decide whether you deserved it or not. it was a stupid move but you couldn't control that they set up a party for you hmm...

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Fyl for not being able to choose :)

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did you even want a party? much less half the school there? well, it's a little late for mardi gras...

#7 the point of a surprise party is for everyone to HIDE and BE QUIET. Not to yell at the person to get down there or to be waving

this could be either good or bad for you ;)