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Today, it was my 16th birthday. My surprise was a new car, that is now in the side of the garage because my mom lost control while driving it around front. FML
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You should be happy you got a car, damaged or not... My parents forgot my 16th birthday.

Like 16 said, be grateful they even got you a new car. Having a car of your own at 16 is not something meaningless.

OP might be grateful - s/he may just be commenting that it sucks for everyone that the car and garage are damaged.

A car??? All I got at 16 was a lottery scratch off, Da faq is wrong with you people

Idonebeenhad 17 least your parents care enough to get you a present, and a car nonetheless

For my 16 birthday all I got was shoes..FML

For 16 B-Day, I got a cake. Home Alone. When I came home from school.

104 the same thing happened to me. I got a cake delivered to my work, but I had to work through lunch and all my work mates ate most of it without me, then I went home and ate what was left. By myself. Because my parents lived an hour away. Oh and I failed my learners ):

No matter what you say, you can't deny that you would be disappointed to see that you got a new car, then see it plowed into the garage. My parents didn't even let me get my license until I was 17, and then still had to wait for a passed down piece of junk. But even I can sympathize with this. It's even a "F the parents life" situation for buying a new car, just to see something they bought with hard earned money, damaged. The moral of the story is, the dad should have drove it around, as we all know women can't be trusted to even drive across the yard.

110 - I was gonna thumb you up, but then at the last minute you turned into a sexist asshole. Such a shame.

It was a light hearted joke, just to sort of lighten the edge. It was a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard ;)

Actually, if anything, be mad at the OP's mom. She's the one who lost control in the driveway or yard and crashed into the garage, thus strengthening the stereotype. I'm still wrapping my head around how that happened.

You're probably having trouble wrapping your head around it because it's so far up your arse

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

I don't know why, but I have a feeling that OP is possibly a better driver his mom.

I agree with 110. Regardless of how spoiled the OP is for getting a brand new car, it would definitely suck to get your hopes up like that and then have your mom plow into the garage with it. It could very well be undrivable now and that would be shitty. Besides, it's not just an FML for OP. Their parents, I'm sure, are pissed.

jasmine1259 2

My dad wasn't even home for my 16th because it was the same day as the Super Bowl and apparently that was more important. Hell I'm 18 and still no chance of them getting me a gift, let alone a car!

There was nothing in the OP's submission that leads me to believe that they weren't surprised. So, in a sense, the birthday was very successful.

You are Samantha Baker and I claim my five pounds.

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My 16th birthday I got a pack of gum and a tshirt with the Ireland flag on it, I'm not Irish.

planbsponserme 2

For my 16th my mom got me a hot dog :) I was content. A damaged car blows, but it coulda been worse

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You deserved it for being a spoiled little kid

Oh no! And now you have to pay for it! Where's that font... F your mum's life.

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OP better hope to God her mom put insurance on it

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Hey you got two surprises that day! Stop being so selfish

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Nobody who is 16 should drive anyway

Where I come from you have to be 18, but I think that a lot of 16 year olds would be responsible enough to drive. Not all teenagers are crashing their parents cars while drunkdriving to a nightclub, actually I have yet not met a single one who has done such a thing. It's a stereotype!

At #14; Well I guess the group MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) exists for no reason then and people just tend to overreact and they make up all these bunch of stories of drunk teenagers driving. At least in the US and Canada it's almost too common. Personally, i don't think any person at the age of 16 should be able to drive, let alone own a car! A car is a huge responsibility and a lot of money, I have yet to see a 16 yr old pay insurance, buy their own car and pay gas...

Pandacupcake - No. It's not a stereotype. Please please please go do research on underage drinking, underage drunk driving, and the statistics for both. You'll find plenty to tear your "stereotype" argument to shreds.

cc_the_beast 6

We get a lot of young kids doing stupid shit in aus too. It's so sad. They think they're indestructible.

chels1994 11

I understand we (my age group) do things that don't make sense and are extremely stupid stuff, but not all of us are that dumb (:

kickassblackbelt 0

First of all, no matter what age you are, you have a higher chance of getting in an accident than a more experienced driver. Second of all, not to throw psychology in here but children observe adults driving from when they are babies. By the time you are 16, you have 13 years of backseat driving. Whether you look at your surroundings or not, you still gain a lot of experience due to mirror neurons. Finally, some teenagers are very responsible so just because someone else can't hold their own doesn't mean no teenager can. It also make it easier on the parents, especially if they work really far away. Sorry about the rant!

kickassblackbelt 0

14- A ton of my friends when they first got cars had to pay for a HUGE chunk of the car. They worked so they could pay for their own gas. Not all teenagers are spoiled.

hotPinklipstick 24

40- I had my license when I was 16 and although I didn't have a car of my own I did drive my grandmothers' car since I lived with her. I worked when I wasn't in school so I could pay for my own gas and insurance. When I drove her vehicle I knew to be careful because she would tear me a new asshole if I did any damage to her vehicle. I own my own car now and have never been in a wreck in the 5 years I've been driving because I am responsible when I get behind the wheel. I believe that very few 16 year olds are mature enough to drive, let alone own a vehicle. In my opinion if a 16 year old doesn't have a job to pay for their own gas and insurance they shouldn't be driving anyway. I also believe a vehicle is not a right of passage like some people believe. It is something that should be earned. I would never give my child a car on his/her 16th birthday, that is bad parenting in my opinion. A kid should not have something that dangerous 'handed' to them. If they want it they can save up money and buy the vehicle themselves.

Airman1988 9

I do think that's true in some cases but to say no one is a little extreme. I do agree that I think it's much better to have them pay their own gas and insurance and buy their car. It can be done, it may not be the nicest car in the world but a new driver shouldn't be driving a new car anyway, just a safe car. There should be harsh penalties for things such as texting and driving etc for kids underage, if they prove to be irresponsible behind the wheel they should lose their license privelage quickly. The focus should simply be to make sure they are safe and responsible behind the wheel and value the property. Personally I think buying the car for them is a bad way to start that

I'm 19. I've been driving for two years. I've never been in an accident, I've never been pulled over, and I have always paid for my own gas because I couldn't get a car until I got a job. so don't be so quick to stereotype.

I'm 16, drive, have a job, and guess what..... I don't drink! And I have my own car!

Michaelsgirl - that's called anecdotal evidence. If you look at statistics (which I have), teenagers are MUCH more likely to be in serious car accidents compared to adult drivers. That's why their insurance premiums are so much higher.

MissHayleyJames 7

There's nothing wrong with giving your 16 year old a car. How on earth is that bad parenting? If they act irresponsible or ungrateful, you can take it away. Honestly though, taking your teenager's keys is more of a punishment to you than it is to them because then you have to drive them everywhere. Just because you give your kid a car though, doesn't mean they won't take care of it. I baby the 2 cars my dad gave me. I got his older Porsche when I turned 16 (the safety rating for them is very high and it was just collecting dust in the garage) and got a brand new H3 when I graduated high school. They are always clean and don't have a scratch on them. I've never gotten a ticket, never been pulled over, and the only accident I've been in was when an asshole rear ended me at a red light. The only way giving your 16 year old a car is bad parenting is if you didn't raise them to be responsible members of society in the first place. Maybe we should look at that problem instead.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Seriously. Where do some of you people live- teen hell? Almost all of my friends and I had cars and drove when we turned 16 and we all paid for our own insurance and gas (and some for their cars). I guess it's different other places but the majority of drunk drivers that get caught around here are way above 16. I'm pretty sure this FML in itself proves that age doesn't necessarily matter. OP's mom couldn't even pull the car around without ruining it and I'm going to guess she's at least 34. It's not being a teenager that makes you a bad driver- it's being careless and you can be careless at any age.

Geez a person could crash a car at any age. They can certainly drunk drive at any age. Seriously not all 16 year olds are irresponsible. If they want a car let them. Im sure they passed their driving test for a reason.

I as a 16 year old with her license take offense to these. I drive better than my 20 year old brother and my 27 year old sister. I'm also more mature than most people around me. Including teachers. Don't assume every 16 year old is incompetent. *stepping off soap box*

Here in Montana you can get a learners permit at 14. It's cause a lot of kids around here help out on their parents ranches/farms.

Airman1988 9

84 do you honesty think your parents are teaching you responsibility and how to make your own way in life by giving you those expensive cars at such a young age? I will never cater to my kids like that, they will learn the value of a dollar by earning things themselves. No high school student should be driving around 20k or more cars in high school on their parents tab, gotta cut the cord eventually and the kind of stuff doesn't prepare them for the real world.

cradle6 13

Some people don't realize that it really depends where you live on how important driving is. If you live in the UK for example, which has extensive public transportation, driving isn't all that important. If you live out in the midwestern United States, even going to the store can be a huge trip. Back when I was in high school, I had a car. But it was necessary in order for me to drive the 45 minute commute to school. Also, I agree that 16-year-olds tend to be worse drivers (mostly due to inexperience). If you move the drivers' age to 18, then those 18-year-olds will be much more inexperienced. Have to start somewhere.

I'm 23 now, but even looking back I don't remember many of us ever drinking and driving while underage, as it was an automatic DUI for ANY alcohol consumption, PLUS all the extras for minor consumption. I usually DD for my friends as alcohol isn't my fancy, but even now I know more 21-30 year olds who drink and drive, then I do 17-20 year olds.

@40 I'm 16 and have paid for both of my cars, pay for my gas and help out on insurance.

chels1994 11

oh and 40- I've had a job for a year just to save up for whenever I got a car. I pay 160 every month for my car (apparently because of the model, a '98 Firebird) and I pay for my own gas, along with any repairs that I need. My parents do help me out but that's because I go to high school, maintain decent grades while in advanced courses, and then come home to babysit and work. Now I don't mean to rant, but I just had to say something to that comment.

MissHayleyJames 7

So giving your kids something means they'll automatically be a bum for the rest of your life? I guarantee you that it doesn't. I had everything handed to me in high school, had to work my butt off in college, and now have a fantastic job with an industry leader. I wasn't raised like most people but I'm no worse for wear because of it. The kids who end up not knowing the value of anything are the one's that weren't taught any sort of responsibility. You can have your parents give you everything and if they taught you responsibility early on, you won't have any problems. Just because I got 2 nice cars doesn't mean I don't know the value of a dollar. Trust me I do. I'm also going to be starting my own business soon. Maybe blame parents for not teaching their kids values instead of criticizing them for giving their kids opportunities.

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I got a truck for my 16th. Its kinda common here. My brother already bought a car so my parents gave him $500 instead for his 16th.

makowiec 11

Wow.. I got $30 for my 16th and i was happy with that. It's the thought that counts :p

Michael_92 20

Yea everyone in our house could drive when they were 16.

Yes in America you can drive at 16 and I agree kids now a days get everything handed to them. Ever heard of getting a job and making money to buy your own car... I borrowed my parents car if they were not using it I walked to work or asked for rides, and I saved enough to buy a shit box like every teenager should have for a first car not a 2012 BMW or Audi

^Legally?.....Yes. At 16 years old here in the U.S of A, you're allowed to take a drivers license test. You can get your permit, which allows you to drive with a parent or guardian in the passenger seat, at 15 years old. Unfortunately, most teens my age aren't mature enough to drive, because they'll either be distracted by their friends or their phones. Even with the ban on texting and driving here in Georgia, there seem to be more teens doing so than ever. Combine that with underage drinking and late night parties, and then throw in a distracting friend or two, and this becomes a fatal combination. Personally, I think the legal driving age should be 18, simply because you'll at least be mature enough to take others into consideration. I'll probably get thumbed down by other teens for this, but that'll only show their maturity level.

^ in NH no permit is needed FYI but love the explanation and agree 100%

twisted_cherub 14

The law varies from state to state, but 16 is the most common. Here in NM you have to take a driver's education course to get you license before 18. But it doesn't matter what the age is; as someone who spends ten hours a day driving, I can tell you bad drivers come in all ages. I think buying your own car would make you a little more responsible with it, though.

I live in NM too, we have the worst drivers in the states I swear lol

Go to MA! Ever hear of a mass hole? THAT'S BAD DRIVERS

Michael_92 20

@19 I don't understand why teens would thumb you down. It's the truth. Kids are usually bad drivers, I personally don't include myself in that. I have been driving since I was like 6 or 7 whether its cars, snowmobiles, go karts, bikes whatever haha i drove it. My dad says out of anyone he has ever rode with he feels the safest with me, should mean something considering he was almost killed in an accident. Anyways yea I have seen some bad bad teenage drivers...I have seen students almost kill other students in races just insane here in redneck land lol.

That's interesting, the minimum age to starting taking lessons in the UK is 17. I think that's a bit young, 18 might be better.

I got my permit at 14 and a half, license at 15. That's how it was six years ago in good old Montana..

kickassblackbelt 0

Haha I got two shirts for my 16th and that was all lol.

perdix 29

When I hit 16, I was given the right to occasionally drive a brown Dodge Aspen station wagon. I kept my virginity for a long time!

Alexisthebestest 16

I had to pay to get my own nose pierced for my 16th birthday. My granny sent me a check for $10 in the mail, but she wrote it in my dad's name, so he cashed it and never gave me the money. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, because that's what my mom & brother were "in the mood for". I then got food poisoning. On the plus side, my grandma gave me a card with a sweet message in it which made me cry. That card was probably the best gift I've ever gotten. **** a car.

Only because the state motto of Massachusetts was written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson: "To strive, to seek, to find, and never to yield." --Masshole

colahatake 9

I got $20 and my mom didn't want to celebrate because it was the sabith.

Alexisthebestest 16

I don't think it's fair to say that all teenagers are bad drivers. I've been driving since I was 15. I'm a pretty good driver, and I've seen plenty of teenagers that are great drivers as well! I don't really see what the difference between 16 and 18 is. You can work at 16, and you need transportation. I was just sick of seeing all these stereotypical posts about how all teenagers are terrible drivers, because many of them aren't! A lot of them are afraid to get in the car their first time and won't let anything distract them. 16 & 18 is pretty much the same thing.

****** eh!? Kids are brutally spoiled by their parents. I mean if u earned it with amazing grades or something then maybe a used car would be acceptable but simply turning 16, wow good job in doing nothing but aging! Here's a car that u won't respect since u didn't earn it and will prob take for granted. This should set u on the right path to understanding life.

princesskb 1

I agree that there are many good teenage drivers, but two years is a big difference. That age is when a lot of kids mature. This is coming from a 21 year old.

veryunluckygirl 19

@19 no it shouldn't be 18 cause some peoples parents can't constantly take them to work. I'm 15 and I finally found a job that'll hire me. I have to ask my friends for a ride or my mamaw will come up and take me. There's parents that physically cannot drive. My mom is legally blind. Only way she can drive right is when it's a clear day. So no the Age to get a license shouldn't be 18 (cigarettes are also a distraction. And you can legally buy them at 18 so add that to your list)

thejewishfuhrer 17

The government tried to make a website for female drivers, but it kept crashing.

At least woman's car insurance is cheaper than men's :3 that is all.

kickassblackbelt 0

I'm female and I can hold my own thanks.

kickassblackbelt 0

67- ouch *dryly* you wound me. It's not females that generally have a need for speed. Think about it, who is more likely to crash?

there's a reason teen girls' insurance is cheaper than teen boys' insurance...just sayin

You have no idea how many accidents I've narrowly avoided dude to female drivers! Please, stop putting on make up while driving! If you're looking in the mirror how the hell are you watching the road?

That's because women don't get their dick sucked while operating the vehicle. Duh common knowledge

Let's stop the debate here. Milhouse is cool, and he's male, but he's only cool because his mom, who is female, told him so. We can therefore deduce that both sides are even.

I never understood why America thinks it's ok to let 16-year-olds drive a car (and therefore be responsible for the lives of other people), while they believe 16-year-olds are not responsible enough to consume alcohol (which only affects your own life).

TexasJosh 0

Just like why can a kid or well guy at 18 die for his country but can't drink because he isn't old enough.

...Wait, can't you drink at 18? *Google* 21? Twenty-*******-one-year to drink a beer? Wo-o-ow.

How about this: Can join the army at 16, can't play a video game about it until 17. WTF?

You can buy squares at 18 but can't drink LOL this country makes me laugh.

Djeepee - You don't truly believe alcohol only affects your own life, do you? I can't count how many drunk teenagers I've treated or pronounced dead who have hurt other people, not only in their own car but in other cars as well. I agree that 16 is too young to drive.

In Denmark there's no restrictions on how old you have to be to consume alcohol. but you have to be 16 to buy it. And you have to be 18 to get a drivers license. Of course there drunk driving here too, but it has nothing to do with the laws. It's about being taught about responsibility. Of you want to drive drunk and break the law, why would you care about breaking another by drinking underage?

"Djeepee - You don't truly believe alcohol only affects your own life, do you?" God, I don't know how to word it exactly, but when talking about alcohol or every other drug, I make the difference between using it responsible and not using it responsible. If you use it responsible, the consequences on your body and brains are all yours. If you take way too much from it, there can be other consequences, like violence, deadly driving, abuse... I know I probably didn't say it too well, but I just wanted to point out that everyone who I know who consumes alcohol, doesn't bother others. Just like I didn't affect the lives of others when I took my first beer at fourteen.

16 year olds can't drive alone (at least in my state - not sure if it varies). They only have a learner's permit until 17. Although I do agree with what you said.

actually alcohol effects not only your life but those around you because as a 16 year old you'll more likely try to drink and drive to impres your friends...that's why you cant have alcohol at 16

Well, that sucks :/ but at least you got a car, and you can probably fix the damages :)

That wasn't puny. .... Eeeggghhh I hate my self

At least you still got a car... Be grateful!

Yeah... A car that's currently unusable...

At least you got something! I was 16 last week and my parents didn't get me anything.FML

I feel ya. I got a Matchbox car and a cupcake for my 16th.