By Dopeboyfresh71 - 19/12/2010 01:02 - United States

Today, it's my sixteenth birthday. The only gift I got was a bill from my parents. Apparently, the rent is due on the 1st. FML
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'OP' is common forum slang for 'Octopus Penis'.

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at least you didn't get a positive pregnancy test. hahahahahahaha be happy

haha, this is the same person that wrote that one, he or she is a lying prick

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Original Poster. ya that's right I ruined all the fun. Now cry me a river.

c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker :p someone had to do it

It actually means "original poster" and all you that said it was something else trying to be funny, GROW UP! that is all :)

They can't do that, they are legally obligated to take care of you until you are an adult (18), and kicking you out of the house at 16 if you didn't pay rent would be negligence and would get them jail time.

151- Try to get a sense of humor, okay?? Life is much more fun if you actually have one. Get. A. Life. lol :D hmm.. ordinary platypus, orgasmic periwinkle (it's a color :p), or orange parts. lolz :D

wow ur life Sux and I hate ur parents .. no offense

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that's exactly what I was thinking

no, his parents have a legal obligation to feed, house, and clothe him until he is 18. That doesn't mean he gets steak or designer clothes. He could just get cup o noodles and goodwill, but it's not legal to charge rent. At least not in the US.

Unless he is Canadian. Here, at 16, you cab move out and/or be obligated to pay rent.

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nope, the OP is from Pennsylvania.

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Ops parents can start charging rent at 16 in the USA too. The legal obligation only requires them to see to the child's welfare after age sixteen, not to provide it free of charge as required before age sixteen. At that age op can legally work, choose to go to school or not and legally rent a residence.

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loving your name VivaLaCobra! <3 Cobra Starship! :D

actually no, they can't. I know someone who called Cps on her parents for doing this. her parents went to jail.

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Well at least it's your birthday! :D No, not helping? :/

Never saw a reason to move out? How about being able to tell a girl you don't live with your parents? I think the line "I live with my parents" is a bigger turnoff than "I sleep with a Justin Bieber doll and wet the bed."

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Time to get yourself a job I guess...

Not really, depends on the culture actually. Other places/culture you stay at home but instead take over responsibility of the household and take care of your parents.