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Today, my college professor/employer failed to send in a letter I had been counting on for a scholarship application. He has also decided not to pay me for the last two months. I'm not going to make rent. Apparently this is the punishment you get for politely declining a date with a married man. FML
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Tell his wife, and his boss, and a lawyer.

file a compliant! people can't do that shit now a days


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Yet another wonderful lawsuit case. Boy is it ever so beneficial to be a lawer.

Use a hidden tape recorder and get him to admit everything he's done.

I don't think she'd need a tape recorder, tbh. Not paying her and not writing the letter should be proof enough of retaliation. It would at least raise enough of a suspicion that it would be looked into by the university. If any students witnessed her working during those two months, it would look even better for her. Also, the university would definitely be more likely to settle than to take it to court. If I were her, I would demand to be placed with a different, possibly female, teacher (I doubt this professor is the only one in his field), and that someone in the administration write a recommendation for the scholarship application. The university should also have to pay any late fees incurred by her not being paid. If it were me, I'd get that all in writing by a University administrator.

^ Uh, I'm pretty sure 77 wasn't saying he/she was a lawyer.

#101 what the **** do you she should do? He shouldn't get away with doing this. I agree that a lot of people are sue-happy, but in this instance, it's probably the best route. If not for her pay, for the hostile environment he's created by declining to write the letter because she rejected him.

file a compliant! people can't do that shit now a days

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I think first of all you should collect the evidence that can prove him had asked you for a date and then show him, threatening to tell his wife unless you get your scholarship. After you get your scholarship, tell his wife.haha

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Blackmail's illegal. She should take legal action or speak with a superior

I agree. Suggest OP start with the college's vice-president or other officer of academic affairs. That's what most colleges and universities call the administrator who oversees the faculty. This person will probably talk to the slimeball and his department head. Sometimes that type of action is enough to scare that sort of slimeball into doing what's right, however belatedly. If the school can't or won't help you, check out your county's Legal Aid Office and see if you qualify for their assistance. If he gets away with this with you, he is going to keep doing this to other students until someone gives him the trouble he deserves. I would bet a lot that you aren't his first victim.

All of the above. If you can't take him to court for not paying you, take him to court for blackmail. If that's out of the question, tell his wife.

davek 36

Tell his wife, and his boss, and a lawyer.

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+1 You don't seem to have a lot to lose.

Except the court case. This is not really illegal except for the withholding of pay. That is if it is a formal job.

I usually do not support legal actions for everything. That being said, it is definitely needed in this situation.

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now that sucks for u 1. no scholarship 2. credit report gets messed up I'm sure u have a male friend who'll b willing to beat his ass up for u. 4th haha

lol every girl has a male friend thats willing to do that for them. The guy is a ********

Sun_Kissed18 25

This man is the biggest ass, once you do something about what he did, which I'm sure you can, get away from him

YD! Sure it sucks but thats life. You could have just said yes. I guess your regretting you decision now. lol.

Exactly how does she deserve it? Seriously. She did the right thing my declining a MARRIED man. FYL, OP. I agree with anyone that says get a lawyer involved.

You blowing it out of proportion. If she sues and loses, then it will backfire on her. Teachers can do alot to screw you. Besides, she can't get a recommendation from him anymore either. Seeing how girls are today, she'd probably end up sleeping with some random guy anyway, she might as well sleep with her professor.

what the hell is wrong with you? It wont backfire on her because he sexually harassed her.

I didn't say that guys don't do it. You see the problem is that if a guy does it, then he's cool. But if a girl does it, shes a ****. Don't blame me, blame society.

20, as Apfluxx said, men are just as capable of doing that. You just proved yourself wrong, seeing as HE was the one wanting to have a relationship beyond profession with her, which she rightfully declined. As far as I see it, he's lucky she hasn't told his wife, boss & the head of education.

Cuz thats the best way to get into grad school!

Maybe the only girls YOU know are *****, but obviously the op has morals, and won't have sex with people just to get what she wants. I applaud you op, because you actually have morals! Trustno1fox, you must be really dense to think all girls just sleep around with random guys and that it's ok to sleep with a married man.

Oh don't they? So when men are found cheating, they aren't sleeping around? Men just aren't seen as sleeping around, they call it men being men. It's a stupid double-edged sword, and if you really don't see that, you should just kill yourself. Right now. Just. Kill. your. Self.

Wow...somehow, this sounds very oldschool. Can he even get away with this?

thats sexual harassment. they have laws against that. use them.