By Noname - 16/03/2009 20:41 - United States

Today, I was out on a date with a guy. His hot co-worker came to have a beer with us, and I knew my best friend would think he was gorgeous. I wanted to take a picture of him without knowing, so i tried to hold up my phone and pretend to be texting. The flash went off. FML
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lmao, thats what happens when your a creap. happens :P :)


I got shy just by reading this... FYL so much.

She could have pretended she was taking a selfie to send to her friend to " prove" something... Improvisation time!

The flash wouldn't go off in the back if she was taking a selfie

lmao, thats what happens when your a creap. happens :P :)

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I once took a picture of this old woman who works at Walgreens. I wanted to send it to my mom since we had a running joke about her. My flash didn't go off or anything so I thought I got away with it. I looked at the picture after leaving and shes looking directing into the camera with a *sigh* "Would you stop" face.

WOW, smooth. And quite...unintelligent. I must say. You should have realized the flash would go off, and not tried to take a picture without him knowing, cause that's a bit stalkerish. :P

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ahahahaha that's TOTALLY something i would do. for that reason, and that reason only, you have my sympathy. not deserved :P

Good idea. I bet OP would have never thought of that ever since this.

Sigh, at least he knows u think he's nice :P you fail #2.