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Today, after having watched a scare story on the news about heart disease, my mom is now insisting that we have daily, hour-long, family yoga sessions together. I have a job, and barely have enough time to do my homework as it is. I'm going to be grounded if I don't take part. FML
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And? What's the problem with being grounded if you don't have any time for anything but school, homework and your job? It sounds like if you're grounded things will be just as you need them.


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It's a proven stress reliever to do yoga, and we all know everyone needs to relieve some stress in todays ecomony.

Is it just me, or have the quality of comments dropped drastically lately...

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If you only have time to work and do homework, why do you care so much about being grounded..?

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Cause you know, who doesn't love spending all their rare extra time being stuck at home staring at a wall

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Grounded so you can only go to work and do homework... And not yoga? If you don't have time anyways I fail to see the problem

I have the luxury of having parents who can cook warm, healthy meals. It must suck to have parents who rely on KFC...

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If you're grounded, you'd have time to do your homework at least.. And skip the family yoga

Scare story? Heart disease is, if I'm not mistaken, above smoking when it comes to killing people. It's very serious, and people with it usually say something along the lines of, "I didn't have time to workout."

Haha first 3 comments, how's it feel to fail?.…… can I have some money?

#125 heart disease is the leading killer in the US. Not as big a deal in other countries, but there you have it. Sorry Op but at least it's some quality time spent with her?

74- That's pretty cool. Now let's stick to leaving comments that actually pertain to the FML.

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125 & 137 - This is another thing people shrug off and respond with something stupid like, "I'd rather eat 10 pounds of grease smothered, gravy covered, cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped, deep fried steak everyday and die young than give it up and live longer." Or "I'd rather be happy in front of the TV than be miserable on a treadmill." The fail in that logic comes from the fact that living unhealthily will catch up to you eventually, while you're still alive, and you most certainly will not be having the time of your life then. Even a little bit of effort can make a great difference in the way you look and feel, instantly. Generally, people who work on their overall well-being lead much, much happier lives. But some people will find any excuse to justify their laziness.

You've got a job, YDI for not getting your own place.

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171, It doesn't have to be torture, and as I said in general people who make an effort to live healthy are happy. That means, they're not doing it reluctantly and suffering from it. Being healthy isn't about simply living longer, but feeling much, much better for the duration of your life. The point of my previous post was that people who say they won't make an effort because they believe it's about being miserable are the ones who are just looking for an excuse. I've been a little overweight, and I've had a steady diet of nothing but junk food. The feeling resulting from being both a healthy weight and eating only natural food beats indulging in processed crap and laying around any ****** day. Two of my friends lost hundreds of pounds together with some hard work, and they agree that they would never go back to the way they were. In the end, it's up to you, and it's your own choice to make. Everybody's gotta die somehow, right? ;)

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Seems like a reasonable solution.

Better yet, make two clones. One for work, one for school, and the original can deal with the family!

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Or, 24, she could make three. One for work, one for school, one for dealing with the family, and she can go do whatever she wants to.

Wait, won't the family get suspicious when their son/daughter is replaced with an infant?

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Well, 56, that's why she uses cloning coupled with time travel.

That would help I heard on tv that Koreans are cloning dogs, or she could agree and on the days of the yoga classes she could just say that she is busy

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I wish I could clone myself 3 times, would be badass

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Yeah, 63? I heard on TV that if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer. Try it!

Show of hands fellow FML lurkers. If you could have a clone of yourself, would you have sex with yourself? **slowly raises hand**

^^^^ would that be considered gay or playing with yourself???O.o

I don't see why you're all stopping at three clones. With an infinite army of me's the possibilities would be endless! Muhahahahahaha

If you don't have time to do anything, why would it matter if you were grounded?

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And then...bricks were shat.

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Such creativity in your comment, congratulations

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Maybe you should do your homework, 45.

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Yeah.. You obviously do your "hmwk", don't ya 45?

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I take a sheet before doing my homework..

45- If you are going to shorten a word why not just shorten it all the way and say "hw"? Are you really that lazy that you were too lazy to be lazy and stopped halfway between being lazy and actually typing the word out.

Studies show that grounding your children can help reduce the chances of heart disease O.O

What the hell are you talking about?

It sounds like a made up yoga position.

It's a yoga pose. Although I've heard it called the Upward Facing Dog Pose of Sun Salutation. I used to think Yoga would be easy and a pseudo-exercise until I tried it. Holy moly it's tough and an absolute workout.

That's one of our softball stretches, and we don't know what it's "officially" called, so we made it up.

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Even if that was a yoga pose, why would you think that was a good comment?

It's nice that she cares but she should consider your busy schedule.

She obviously doesn't care if she is grounding her when she knows she has a busy schedule. :P

Maybe just do ur homework when your grounded. Reasonable solution? I think so.

Well that's rude of your mom! Even if she's your mom she shouldn't FORCE you to do yoga... -__- Good thing she cares tho(:

OP could just do her homework in a flying lotus pose. Problem, mom?

Op should quit her/ his job because school and fitness are much more Important than a job, especially in the long run.

Thats what student loans are for, so a job isn't always necessary.

"student loans" are basically pointless because, afterwards you have to spend the rest of your life paying them back so your debt won't be passed onto your kids. Grants and scholarships are the way to go.

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That's why it is called a LOAN, they expect you to pay it back. It's just like going to the bank and asking for a loan to get a house. If you don't pay it back over they take your home. If you don't pay student loans they come after you later on when you want to retire, or deny your kids for loans. And not everyone can get a grant/scholarship.

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Pay it back over *however many years*

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Student loans are the worst. It's not impossible to get through collage without one trust me. My sister did it without my parents help.

Well get a degree in something that'll get you a good job (example: accounting, engineering) and there won't be a problem paying off loans.

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Yes, please bring bring your yoga pants. They're hot.

And? What's the problem with being grounded if you don't have any time for anything but school, homework and your job? It sounds like if you're grounded things will be just as you need them.

Well some parents have different forms of grounding, like some might not let you hang out with friends, but they could also take away your phone or computer or something, which could be your only way to connect with friends since you are constantly working or doing something for school. However I see where you're coming from as well.

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My parents haven't grounded me for ages, but they always threaten that they're going to make me quit my jobs first. It doesn't make much sense to me, considering I'm paying for things that they would otherwise be paying for themselves... So if OP's parents are like mine at all, getting grounded could mean no job too.

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If you're grounded you can just do your homework.