By Anonymous - Canada - Ottawa
Today, my boyfriend got on one knee and started talking about how we met. Knowing what was coming, I started tearing up, absolutely sure he was going to propose. Just as I was about to say yes, he quickly stood up and yelled "HAH, JUST KIDDING". FML
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  Edumcg  |  24

I think it's hilarious.

  ClashParody  |  21

Cold feet, maybe? First thought I had was maybe he WAS proposing, and when OP didn't immediately say yes, he went the "JUST KIDDING" route. Never having proposed before, I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must be.

  enddmd  |  27

Calm yourself, Satan.

  anon_e_m00se  |  8

You don't even have to tie him to the bed.

Get on your knees (just like he did), unzip his pants, get him nice and ready (perhaps even well into it), and at the last minute before your mouth makes contact ... end with "HAH, JUST KIDDING", and walk away.

  Pepsiisbae  |  15

#120 i was thinking go to dinner and a movie with your girls have fun while hes tied to the bed tell him next time he pulls that crap youll do that again and shove the bed in the ocean!

  eddeeezzyy  |  19

I honestly don't think OP should dump him just yet. Yes, it was a cruel joke, but this was only one time. Would you really want that one time to ruin the whole relationship, especially since they've done a lot together? (Considering the fact he was explaining of how they met, etc.) However, if he were to keep on acting like a child, then I would say for OP to leave his ass.