By I Like My Cat - 21/12/2012 10:02 - Netherlands - Utrecht

Today, I found out that the tinsel on my Christmas tree is worth a couple of hundred euros per strand. Well, that's how much the two that were surgically removed from my cat have cost me. At least the cat's going to be fine. FML
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Shiny things basically shout at cats to play with them.

I think it's safe to say your cat is purr-ty inconsiderate. The long term effects could've been catastrophic. Litterally.


Shiny things basically shout at cats to play with them.

Who says shiny things only attract cats? That's how I met my girlfriend

She was shiny? What is she? C3PO?

He was talking about the shiny Chansey he caught in Pokemon. Ever since, they've been inseperable.

No no. He was right. It was 3P0. Look at my username ;D

Bro if you're dating C3PO you're a stud. Me and Artoo hooked up last weekend. Wanna double date some time?

Just be glad your cat is okay!

zingline89 18

Yeah they said that right in the FML

My cat is worth more to me than any expensive decoration. I'd cry for days if he needed surgery. :c

The decoration actually isn't expensive, it was just a joke that it was like it was beca... Ah screw it, I give up.

38: That's selfless of you to care more about your pet's wellbeing than money. Most people aren't like that nowadays, so I applaud you! Even if you didn't understand OP's joke lol.

At least you broke even :)

obviousboy 8

You're an idiot.

Should've made it a winky face it would've made the sarcasm easier to read... O well

strawberrywine22 27

Ummm no, even then it wouldn't make any sense. Even for sarcasm.

Lovely pic. :0)

I think it's safe to say your cat is purr-ty inconsiderate. The long term effects could've been catastrophic. Litterally.

We need to stop the cat puns right meow.

Yeah, that was pretty weak. I'm not feline very well, so that might be why.

Well at lest her cats in purrfect Heath

Pussy. That was the best pun ever and you meow it!

Stop kitten around, guys.

These puns are a-paw-lling

This just proves that there needs to be an app designer for FML's for cats.

Why? And how?

Why: because some people would isolate themselves to cat FML's? How: find a stranger on the street, talk really fast with a thick New York accent and tell them all about the app and what you want a leave fast after giving them a folder full of cat pictures/memes

perdix 29

If you were married, your husband would have eaten it.

Mmmmm... Tasty tasty tinsel.

The tinsel or the cat?

Both. With ketchup.

ks23 9

Xmas tree decor is not generally cat friendly

I hope you took the rest of the tinsel off the tree, because if there's one thing I've learned from the cats at my house, they NEVER learn their lesson after doing something stupid.

I have friends like that too

BellaBelle_fml 23

My cat used to pee on only one of the stovetop burners. He did that a few times and when we would turn the burner on and it heated up the urine, oh man did it reek! So we decided to leave that burner on. When he went to pee on it he burned his buns. He never peed on the burner again. So in some cases the cat can learn from their stupidity.

My cat pees in the fireplace. I even saw him try to attempt it while the fire was on:')

52, I don't like how you set your cat up to get burned like that. Seems like excessive punishment, even if it was effective. I hope you wouldn't do something like that to a child.

Cats are worthless

My dad once had a dog who ate painter's tape...oh and a candle, and his toys. There are just some pets who like to ingest things they shouldn't.

CaseyTheCoolCatt 5

Don't even. I have a dog now that once got my razor and started chewing on it. He also likes to sit in front of the wall and naw on it. I've had to fill a good five holes in my wall from this dog.

I had a dog who ate a whole queen sized mattress o.O

jazzmancarron 11

Ever hear the phrase curiosity killed the cat? Just sayin.