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  Mama4ddk  |  15

How what exactly? How can the guy be such a moron? How can he be so cowardly he would choose that to break up over rather than whatever his real problem was? How could someone that idiotic get a girlfriend in the first place? Or how could you not understand that a woman can be sexy as hell in a pair of boxer briefs? I know that shit's true my husband says it about me and I just asked a couple of his friends about their girlfriends and wives and they say it about them. And yeah even when us females aren't around they say it so it's not because they have to don't even go there. A woman who is confident enough to wear whatever the hell she wants to because it's comfortable is sexy as hell no matter what it is that she's wearing. Because nothing, and I do mean nothing, is sexier than a Confident Woman . Although I will admit it can be matched buy a Confident man. Have I answered the how question completely enough? If not, re-read and repeat till it sinks in. Have an amazing day everyone!