By Anonymous - 24/03/2016 15:23 - United States - Bellefontaine

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because he's convinced wearing boxer briefs instead of panties makes me a lesbian. FML
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Well now you're free from dating a moron. Congratulations!


Well now you're free from dating a moron. Congratulations!

she should've told him to not get his boxers in a bunch

You like wearing comfortable clothes?? You must be gay!! Oh wait, that's stupid.

How what exactly? How can the guy be such a moron? How can he be so cowardly he would choose that to break up over rather than whatever his real problem was? How could someone that idiotic get a girlfriend in the first place? Or how could you not understand that a woman can be sexy as hell in a pair of boxer briefs? I know that shit's true my husband says it about me and I just asked a couple of his friends about their girlfriends and wives and they say it about them. And yeah even when us females aren't around they say it so it's not because they have to don't even go there. A woman who is confident enough to wear whatever the hell she wants to because it's comfortable is sexy as hell no matter what it is that she's wearing. Because nothing, and I do mean nothing, is sexier than a Confident Woman . Although I will admit it can be matched buy a Confident man. Have I answered the how question completely enough? If not, re-read and repeat till it sinks in. Have an amazing day everyone!

If briefly explaining to him that underwear preference is not the same as sexual preference didn't work, then it's probably best to let him go.

unless she's wearing the boxers to cover up/hide something else...

Well, as a fellow female who prefers boxer briefs and other comfy things, I just learned something major about myself today. I too must be a lesbian. I had no idea!

Same. Now I gotta break it off with my Manthing. Very sad.

As all three of us are newly discovered lesbians, I'm sure we can work something out.

We've been living a lie our entire lives and it all just changed today. Of course it escalated quickly! I've got so much lost time to make up for!

Did somebody say "whipped cream?" My favorite!

I can only imagine what your inboxes look like now haha

problem is thar boxers aren't sexy as panties (i mean lingerie, notre ugly panties)

Depends on the boxers and sizing, I think.

I actually think girls wearing boxers are 900% more sexy than panties/strings or whatever.

I generally prefer girls wearing nothing but you know...

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#30 do you prefer getting your gifts already unwrapped as well?

He probably realized that you look better in them than he does.

As a lesbian who wears boxers, I can confirm that I don't turn straight when I wear panties.

Probably because it's akin to the phrase, "Once you go black, you don't go back!" So, Once you go lesbian, you don't go back." ?

This must be exactly why I'm bisexual since I'm comfy in either.

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I, too can confirm that panties don't make me straight!

So instead of boxers or briefs he think Gay and Straight.

if they have rainbows on them or they're flannel then you're definitely a lesbian it's in the lesbian handbook