By longdrive - 14/10/2014 05:17 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I left for a fifteen-hour drive with two guys who won't stop talking in a Yoda voice. Sick of this nonsense, I am. FML
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Feel sorry for you, I do.

Bet you wish you were Solo?.


I have eternal respect for those guys :))

Noise cancelling headphones will do the trick!

Feel sorry for you, I do.

rekkas 16

Aww but Star Wars is the best

There are some people who don't actually think so. Shocking, I know!

Not for fifteen hourse, it isn't

JuliaaNoelle 26

#31 I beg to differ

Well, you're a fangirl. Of course you'd say it.

Box0choklitz 8

A Star Wars fan, OP is not.

orbit 22

Is it bad I have never seen star wars?

Gotta love it

Turn up the music and heat. Annoyed they will be.

tony1891 22

then you can sing along to "i did it all for the wookie"

Prepare for the greatest car ride of your life!

Bet you wish you were Solo?.

Please put your Hans together for enslaved .

I bet OP wants to Leia smack upside their heads.

shanebob 15

I bet she's going tObi Wan unhappy driver

You guys must of ate awesome for breakfast ^-^

You got 2 socks. One in each mouth. Problem solved.

That sounds like hell. Time to break out a counter irritant. Show tunes, perhaps? Or the song that never ends?

YellowKettleBell 31

stock up on the beef jerky and gas-station beans then let-er-rip!

Hang on, you must!