By Anonymous - 15/03/2015 03:02 - United States - Lake Forest

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, some homeless person came up to the window and started doing a voice-over. FML
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It's ok as long as he sounds like Morgan Freeman.

You need curtains or blinds.


You need curtains or blinds.

rylaii 26

They were probably in a car

incoherentrmblr 21

I can only imagine the homeless guy doing a sports announcer imitation...

'He shoots, he scores!! Uh oh, he couldn't pull out in time. Looks like it's penalty for the next 18 years!'

If you were in your car then ydi. If you were at home in the city then either quiet down or close the shades or both. If you were in the country then shoot him for trespassing.

That's unfortunate, hope he didn't ruin it too much for you.

150493x 29

I'd imagine when someone stands and stares through the window and does a voice over the sex would instantly be ruined.

How would that ruin it? If anything it made it better.

I'm impressed that you're more concerned about the voiceover than about the fact that the homeless person was having sex with your boyfriend.

Whaaaat ? They never said that

#3 I think you need to re read the post, that definately did not happen

They kind of did with OP's choice of wording.

iShanny 13

It's okay, #3, some of us did get the joke.

haha yes, the homeless man was getting it on... such wording

jazzy_123 20

grammar changes everything :)

welp I tried to understand what everyone is talking about but I guess it went over my head lol oh well

#3 This is the greatest comment of all time lol

& #99 you have once again proved your ignorance

It's ok as long as he sounds like Morgan Freeman.

or James Earl Jones :)

Doesn't matter, had sex.

it was the best thirty seconds lol akon

#100 akon didn't say that.. It was Andy Samberg

Wizardo 33

"This March, in an epic battle of love and backseat intercourse. One couple struggle to get jiggy with it... Cumming to a parking lot near you... Sex Drive"

dafuq? were you in a car?

150493x 29

Houses have windows too.

Would've been better if he started reciting Paradise by the dashboard light

The sad part is that most people on here won't understand what you're saying by that #13. But I agree with you completely!

CaroAurelia 12

I swore I would love you to the end of time, so now I'm praying for the end of time (best line in the song)

naw, Morgan Freeman impresssion.

You didn't see that coming But he did!! (That's so terrible omhg) On the plus side ... sex???

As long as it wasn't comparable to a sports commentary, you shouldn't feel too offended. But you definitely deserve it if you're either having sex in a car in broad daylight, or if you don't have enough decency to cover your windows/blinds. (I voted FYL and YDI, personally.)

Hah I voted for both too. Sucks ya got caught... but you let yourself get caught

1dvs_bstd 41

'it's a tough game... oh hang on! the boy twists right, now he turns left.. he thrusts it through the middle... he shoots... he SCORES!!!'