By ssjfml - 11/08/2015 14:56 - Denmark - Copenhagen

Today, while enjoying the nice weather in a park, I opened my eyes to the sight of some guy jacking off, half-hidden behind a tree. FML
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I guess you could call him a lumberjerk.

Well at least you only had to see half of it.


Well at least you only had to see half of it.

I'm pretty sure he took incognito to the fraction

Lucky OP couldn't see his Wood for the trees.

Bless you catdragon for being the first to say exactly what I was thinking.

I guess you could call him a lumberjerk.

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What an acorny joke. I'm going to ace yew to leave now.

You just won 1 comment section. Do you want to quit now or keep playing to try to win 1 internet?

since the op used jacking off, I still would've called him a lumberjack

He's a lumber jerk and he's ok, he sleeps all night and he faps all day.

Perhaps he was just enjoying nature himself. . . REALLY enjoying it.

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some people really ******* love nature

Hopefully the bottom half was hidden ...

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Sometimes you just get a hard on in the park and gotta take care of it XD At least the guy wasn't sitting on the bench with OP or standing behind them.

if you are or look underage, it was probably r.Kelly

I mean, if he was pissing. (but he wasn't)

If there's a beehive on the tree above him, go poke it with a stick.

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or a squirrel could rip his nuts off

True. Similar thing happened to me. Upon my shocked face he retorted "Can't forbid me to look!"

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#29, your comment sounded like he caught you jacking off and then he said that. At least that's how I read it haha.

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I think she meant he was masturbating and using her as stimulus

Something like that happened to me once, but it was at a kids' playground, and the man wasn't even trying to stay hidden. I'm dead serious.