By Anonymous - 09/01/2011 19:08 - United States

Today, I woke up early to go to church with my parents. When I got in the car, I was struck with the worst diarrhea I've ever had in my life. My parents told me I'd be cleaning the car out when we got there, because if we turned around, we'd be late. FML
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that's disgusting. fyl, mainly for having such shitty parents.

mandypandypants 4

fyl for having parents that care more about jesus than their own son.


wow frickin crazy parents.

sourgirl101 28

Dance Magic Dance! "The Labyrinth" is one of my favorite movies of all times!(:

the labyrinth is freaking scary!!!

that's disgusting. fyl, mainly for having such shitty parents.

ampsmagss 0

lol nice pun

honeylove36 0


That's disgusting.

Man your parents are devoted :/ FYL.

This is more than devotion. It's mind-numbingly mental.

tcurry_fml 0

if you have faith, maybe you won't crap yourself :D

YDI for believing in god

what a shitty situation

kaylaraeh 0

Literally, lol.

Never get in the way of a devoted church person when they're trying to get to church. Unless of course you enjoy conflict, and then by all means: go right ahead.

UpsidedownKayak 9

Damn it! I already used my shit puns earlier today. God has smote you.