By merkris - 29/06/2009 15:41 - United States

Today, I was at the mall with my boyfriend and 2 friends. My uncle passed by me in the mall. He said, "What are you, babysitting or something?" He pointed to the merry-go-round. My boyfriend was sitting on a giraffe, yelling at the top of his lungs. FML
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aww that sounds so cute :')))))))

MeganH0LLYW00D 0

He sounds cute. What the **** is the problem.


augustdanielle 0

Haha. Wow.... I'm sure that was an interesting sight... :x

Well, at least he's a cheap date. Chuck-E-Cheese isn't too pricey, and hey, maybe if ur lucky, you guys can actually meet Chuck E!!!

hahahahahah! anyway FYL for having a fag for an uncle

who said he was gay? **** you

that's not a fml it's ******* hilarious

aww that sounds so cute :')))))))

americuzz 8

that's what I was thinking:) op ur boyfriend sounds like a guy that like to have fun... this I not FML worthy

luvyah 0

how not worthy?

Volcan_fml 22

It's funny, not embarrassing.

Faytality 0

Dump him already.

#4 you don't even know the guy or the OP... OP- I always embarrass my girlfriend. She thinks it is cute when I act childish.

I hope she does, he deserves way better than this uptight bitch.

lolzforfun228 3

He was probably joking. I would laugh my ass off.


#4, ur an idiot. I really don't think an elaboration is required OP. just embrace it, and accept that most of us guys will never REALLY get past the temptation or excitement of the merry-go-round, and that we are, truly, all still children(in our heads) also, which ,mall? the palisades? (that one has the best merry-go-round, besides playland)

Agreed. Merry-go-rounds are pretty sweet.

That sounds so adorably pathetic.

MeganH0LLYW00D 0

He sounds cute. What the **** is the problem.

i see nothing wrong in doing at all and no reason why you should be embarrassed, i know id do the same

Bahaha. Your boyfriends a goober. :D

luvluvluv 0

A goofy one at that.

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I dont exactly see how this is an FML... so your boyfriend likes to play on the swings...whats wrong with that....perhaps i should switch to or or some other site soon

Wow, and now I feel really really stupid for checking to see if those sites were real. DX

steierr 7

hahaha wow.....i would to but i cant right now thanx for saving me so time

That sounds cute, you shouldn't let your uncle get to you if you really like your boyfriend.

So he was on the Merry Go Round? I wish I had your life! How does your life suck?