By ssydneyy - 17/07/2012 19:47 - United States - Lakewood

Today, I was working as a character at an amusement park. I was walking with another character and we went over to a baby girl. She smiled and laughed at my co-worker. When she saw me, she started screaming and crying. FML
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Were you dressed as Voldemort?

So your life sucks cause a baby didn't like your character you were dressed as?


Were you dressed as Voldemort?

He-who-must-not-be-named. Are you trying to get yourself killed by saying his name?

No, no. OP was a dementor. Who's scared of Voldemort? Most of us have something he doesn't.... .....noses. :D

That's the scary part... He's going to be searching the world for a nose! It could be yours.

Oh shit. *hides in panic shelter*

No, no. Just pretend to be dead. That's what Harry did.

25: I'm now imagining Voldemort playing the "got your nose" thumb-game with small children.

Were you dressed as a clown?

Stephen King's "It" ruined clowns for me.

What character were you??

So your life sucks cause a baby didn't like your character you were dressed as?

syley 5

Rings less FML more funny (weird funny) situation op was in.

BubbleGrunge 18

Don't sweat it OP, kids are strange little creatures. You could have been the child's favorite character in the world, but being up close and personal is a different story.

I don't know why OP was so upset by this. This is a baby we're talking about, screaming and crying is their stock-in-trade.

The fear. The kids can smell yours. They're cries and screams are an alarm. Put on a squeaky voice and cheerful mood, they'll let you live.

Squeaky voice? I'm not sure whether to be offended or flattered.

This all depends on what costume you were wearing. Grotesque witch, monster, or other villain: EPIC WIN! Prince, princess, adorable fuzzy protagonist: EPIC FAIL!

She's been watching too much To Catch A Predator.

Were you dressed as Barney?

I find crying back at babies works best.