By hugedissapointment - United States
Today, I had a girl come over to my house that I had been texting for four days. I asked her what she wanted to do and she replied "take a nap". Becoming really excited I lead her to my bedroom and went to the hiding spot for my condoms, she was serious about the nap. FML
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  elchapin562  |  0

i know, what kind of girl won't give it up after textin for whole days straight?
for real though, try gettin some face to face to make sure she aint kidding next time

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

56 speaks truth.

Am I behind the times or something, how do you get the phone/text number (I know shit about cells lol) of someone you don't even know, and then expect them to sleep with you after four days? Or did OP mean IMing?
Either way, why would she randomly show up on your doorstep too? I went to visit my own penpal a while back, but we had known each other for a few months before doing that. Do you two live in the same town or something? If you do... WHY COULDN'T YOU LIKE, DUNNO, LITERALLY TALK TO EACH OTHER?
And damn, why would you expect ANYTHING after four days of anything - texting, talking, etc - really? Are girls in your town more loose than everyone else's? If you wanted tail so quick, you should have gone to the bar.
AND IF she is actually from elsewhere, OF COURSE SHE WOULD PROBABLY WANT A NAP, why wouldn't you believe her? Traveling usually makes you dog-tired, no matter who you are; it is only logical to think that she literally means it when she says "I need a nap" after traveling. And, seriously, is she like really naughty in her texts or something, because why wouldn't you just generally believe her when that was the answer for "what do you want to do first"? If she would have said "I want to eat" would you think she meant eat YOU?
... and since when does nap = sex? Really, I could maybe understand "Oh! She wants to take a nap with me!" (how self-centered lol), because couples literally sleep together (I assume you must be some sort of couple if you had such expectations). And, if that's what happened, oh boo hoo, you at least bonded, yes? Doing cutesy things like that could get you ass later, you know.

YDI for expecting anything...

  g00nie  |  0


One, you barely know the girl, so why would you want to jump into bed with her?

And two, since when does 'I want to take a nap' mean 'lets go have sex.' ?

  ZuRG_fml  |  7

Maybe she really likes naps? You ever try a good napping buddy? It's awesome and can be a good foot in the door for naughty things later, while getting bonus points for restraint.

PS, napping means napping, not trying to feel her up, grind on her, "accidentally" poke her, etc. Maybe do an inquiring tickle to test the mood, but srsly, having someone bug you for sex when you're really trying to sleep is le suk.

  iljajlm  |  4

Lacey that was a kickass speach! Could not have said it better myself. and i agree with panda man. Men do fail as a gender. This coming from a not-so-proud-member of this gender.

  rusrsbrah  |  0

Not ALL guys blow. Just this one in particular. I agree 4 days is too soon, and if anything the nap was a "hey let's cuddle" not "hey let's fuck!!"

Either way YDI. Especially for calling it a "secret stash of condoms." They're condoms bro, not pot, not Osama Bin Laden, Not your guide on how to "please the pussy", condoms. NBD.

  DSaturn  |  16

because no matter how careful you are, sex can always lead to a baby. at the very least you should only risk it with someone who will pitch in with the consequences.

By  RichYungReverse  |  0

No obvisously this dude said the right things to get a girl to come over just by texting in 4 days. Girls never say anything direct they sugar coat shit like "come over we can watch this movie"

I dont remember the last time i went over a girls house to "watch a movie" and actually watched it.