By barbie - United States
Today, I was at the water park with my boyfriend. We were getting on a two-person tube slide. As I went to sit in the front I noticed the lifeguard looking me up and down, what I assumed was him checking me out. I found out I was wrong when he said, "Heaviest in back." FML
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  iluvneon  |  0

Just cause she's heavier doesnt mean she's fat for all we know she could be muscular or a little chubby she just has "more to love" then other girls

  natsaysheyyy  |  16

Yeah, definite FML for one of them. Either the girl is fat or the guy is a stick. If you're offended by his "heavy" comment, then lose some weight. Otherwise, don't go online and complain about it.

  Jf770  |  10

How do you even know she's fat? What If she's average or below, and her boyfriends super skinny? And don't judge fat people(LikeMe) I'm not fat cause i eat a lot and don't exercise!! I fucking under eat, and I have a low blood sugar and a low cholesterol and I exercise Everyday.. And look at my picture and how fat I am! The doctors don't even know what's wrong with me. So shut the fuck up and don't judge:3

  grajax  |  24

Well I'd assume she's wearing a bikini or some form of swim wear so a guy looking her up and down would obviously seem a lot like he's checking her out.

By  ozymandias_fml  |  0

Well, now you know you are a fatty, so you can work to fix it. I guess not knowing you are a fatty is a bit of a FML, but not really. Put down your sammich, and look in a mirror once in a while and you won't accidentally think others are chubbie-chasers.

  qazaq  |  1

Shes not going to say she is fat cause she's self conscious thus the fml, if she was comfortable with herself she would have laughed it off

  Andicc  |  19

If she was self conscious and thought she was fat, then why in the world would she have automatically assumed the life guard was checking her out? If I thought my body was fat and gross I wouldn't think anyone looking at me was checking me out, rather looking at me because I was a gross freak. Most likely she isn't fat at all but has a scrawny skinny boyfriend.

By  JKPPS  |  0

I don't think the lifeguard was trying to make you feel bad, just keep you safe. I've been a lifeguard for many summers at a waterpark, and the heaviest does HAVE to be in the back or the tube will flip the second it hits the catch pool.