By barbie - 18/05/2009 05:48 - United States

Today, I was at the water park with my boyfriend. We were getting on a two-person tube slide. As I went to sit in the front I noticed the lifeguard looking me up and down, what I assumed was him checking me out. I found out I was wrong when he said, "Heaviest in back." FML
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"what I assumed was him checking me out" stuck up much?

where does it say she's fat? She could just have a really scrawny boyfriend!


hahahaha...I would think this would be a FML for your boyfriend

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Just cause she's heavier doesnt mean she's fat for all we know she could be muscular or a little chubby she just has "more to love" then other girls

In other words...she's fat

Fat fat fat

pablopoo 7

Says fat chick lmfao

Yeah, definite FML for one of them. Either the girl is fat or the guy is a stick. If you're offended by his "heavy" comment, then lose some weight. Otherwise, don't go online and complain about it.

I agree with #136. #150, stop acting like an insensitive douche

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Maybe lose some weight instead of sitting at your computer bitching about how fat you are?

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That's rude

hypocrite much?

Not rude, it's true.

How do you even know she's fat? What If she's average or below, and her boyfriends super skinny? And don't judge fat people(LikeMe) I'm not fat cause i eat a lot and don't exercise!! I fucking under eat, and I have a low blood sugar and a low cholesterol and I exercise Everyday.. And look at my picture and how fat I am! The doctors don't even know what's wrong with me. So shut the fuck up and don't judge:3

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May b u shld change ur name from lonely lurker if ur complaining abt peps around there computer n get a bf :(

"what I assumed was him checking me out" stuck up much?

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Stuck up? No. Conceited? Maybe.

That's basically the same thing..

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Just because a girl likes her appearance doesn't mean she's stuck up!!

Well I'd assume she's wearing a bikini or some form of swim wear so a guy looking her up and down would obviously seem a lot like he's checking her out.

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Well, now you know you are a fatty, so you can work to fix it. I guess not knowing you are a fatty is a bit of a FML, but not really. Put down your sammich, and look in a mirror once in a while and you won't accidentally think others are chubbie-chasers.

Doesn't mean she's FAT, just that she's bigger than her boyfriend. I love me a woman with some FLUFF :))

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where does it say she's fat? She could just have a really scrawny boyfriend!

Shes not going to say she is fat cause she's self conscious thus the fml, if she was comfortable with herself she would have laughed it off

If she was self conscious and thought she was fat, then why in the world would she have automatically assumed the life guard was checking her out? If I thought my body was fat and gross I wouldn't think anyone looking at me was checking me out, rather looking at me because I was a gross freak. Most likely she isn't fat at all but has a scrawny skinny boyfriend.

I hope he stays mostly on top!

YDI for being a conceited fat bitch.

ouchhhhh. that was harsh!

I don't think the lifeguard was trying to make you feel bad, just keep you safe. I've been a lifeguard for many summers at a waterpark, and the heaviest does HAVE to be in the back or the tube will flip the second it hits the catch pool.