By BabyButt - 09/04/2014 17:50 - United States - Honolulu

Today, I went on a date with my boyfriend to our local park, and I playfully climbed into one of the baby swings. I planned on having him push me, not getting stuck and having to be cut free from the seat while he laughed. FML
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maybe that's why it's called a baby swing

Are you a baby? It's hard to tell with all these 9 year olds running around calling their 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' the love of their life.


Ouchh, that's too bad.. :( Good luck OP!

babygurll19 10

What? Did u read the FML? Good luck with what?

mariab2898 13

How? How could it possibly get any worse?

I can think of a lot of worse situations. I mean, she might be a little embarrassed, but no one was injured or anything... why so dramatic?

joshua1615 8

Of course it could be worse. It could always be worse, but that doesn't change that this situation was unfortunate. One could say "Today, both my parents died. FML" and you could still answer "it could be worse you could have cancer and and and"

It's called a "baby seat" for a reason, dip shit. YDI.

fartay55 11

Well at least he had a good time??

maybe that's why it's called a baby swing

Wizardo 33

Agreed, in size and apparently in mind as well.

Yeah, and what's wrong with being pushed in a regular swing? They are most definately more comfortable, and can swing higher.

Seriously, do you know how stupid that is? you're obviously a little big to be getting in it, so why ruin something that wasn't even meant for you?

She was obviously just doing it in fun and probably did expect it to be funny, although certainly not in the way that actually happened.

Don't sweat it, OP, you're an adult on a baby swing, had that one coming to you!

TabooSushi 24

You know... There's a reason those things are made for BABIES. Congratulations on your nomination for a Darwin Award.

I doubt getting stuck on a baby swing is anywhere close to lethal or dangerous to your reproductive system (Darwinism is all about the gene pool).

TabooSushi 24

That is why I specifically said "NOMINATION" for an award, not that she had already won it, genius. I don't think it's too far off to extrapolate that someone dumb enough to get themselves stuck in a baby swing would also eventually be dumb enough to cause their own death through their stupidity.

Sadly I agree with the person above me. If you're dumb enough to get yourself stuck in a baby swing, what else are you dumb enough to do...

Darwin Award nominees are survivors of stupid near-death experiences. Like those above said, getting stuck in a swing is hardly dangerous at all, and practically every adult/teen has at least TRIED to squeeze themselves into a swing before. Besides, getting stuck in a swing is far from a near-death experience.

I thought a Darwin award could also be given to someone who didn't necessarily died in an oblivious incident but could have injured them in a way that they were no longer able to reproduce, again, enhancing the gene pool, but I could be wrong.

So remove the swing or pit of sharks? :D

They are, #53, but it's hard to think of an injury that would render a woman incapable of reproducing without rendering her dead. However, it's quite possible--although not very common--for a man to achieve the Living Darwin. I've read the books, what can I say? As for you, OP, what were you thinking? If you're old enough to be on the FML site, you're clearly too big to fit into one of those things. Were there not regular-sized swings in the park?

I'm throwing my vote in with #53. if you can't reproduce and taint the gene pool, Darwin won.

Idk, I would laugh too, and I'm not shallow, so go easy on him. You'll look back one day and laugh as well.