By pizzafreak18 / Monday 21 June 2010 14:21 / United States
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  samanthadude  |  0

Why wouldn't you make sure it was him first and why would you smack his butt when he's talking to a customer? The customer and the worker were probably horrified lol.

  Ms_Jessie22  |  8

Whatever, this is so not a big deal. When I was little, I ran up to my mom and hung on her leg like a monkey. It wasn't my mom. But it wasn't like the end of the world. Learn to laugh at yourself OP.

  eazyeeze  |  0

#73 (#5) -judging by your profile pic- if you trimmed around your edges...that too will also boost your confidence to put a color picture up instead.

  eazyeeze  |  0

^ #92- Aww...cute retort. Kind of pathetic to bash on a Muppet, no?

BTW, Did your iPhone and mirror break when you took that pic? If so, F their lives- Mr. Muppet will be waiting for their stories

  EinSteinFYL  |  0

You make quite a first impression. First it was KFC, now it's your turn to double-down. If the guy didn't seem surprised, I'm sure he'll be asking his coworker if he can help tap the old lady's well.

Edit: I didn't want to post here....

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