By pizzafreak18 - 21/06/2010 14:21 - United States

Today, I went into the store where my boyfriend works. I saw him talking to a customer, his back was facing me, so I went up and smacked his butt. Turns out it wasn't him. FML
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Even if it had been your boyfriend, why would you smack his butt while he's talking to a customer?

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don't worry I bet the guy liked it 


Stefany713 0

don't worry I bet the guy liked it 

why would you do something like that when he's talking to a customer anyway?

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I disagree. He was probably creeped out of his mind.

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that was very stupid of you!

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that's a good thing you just made a friend

I have a tounge ring and a monroe piercing and a tragus peircing and nose ring and two ear piercigs on eacg side.

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The thread jackers strike again.

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Why wouldn't you make sure it was him first and why would you smack his butt when he's talking to a customer? The customer and the worker were probably horrified lol.

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mmm I would of done the same thing then would of laughed it off and apoligize... 18 wonderful picture!!

Whatever, this is so not a big deal. When I was little, I ran up to my mom and hung on her leg like a monkey. It wasn't my mom. But it wasn't like the end of the world. Learn to laugh at yourself OP.

on the brightside at least you have a hand to smack butts

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yeah I would have laughed maniacly (idk how to spell that) and ran away lol.

blahhh everybody loves Raymond episode 31, king of queens episode 17. so many tv shows have used this cliched story and now fml. congrats.

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Laura - I am at work, it's just that there's like no customers because everyone is at the beach, where I should be. 

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When people comment on the first reply so that they can be at the top. It boosts their confidence, or so I've heard.

of course 73, being on the top of the comment page is like being on top of the world. it's a great confidence boost...

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#73 (#5) -judging by your profile pic- if you trimmed around your edges...that too will also boost your confidence to put a color picture up instead.

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we should all start replying to the 2nd comment instead

yah, one time I walked into McDonalds and ordered their salad. But I didn't know the ranch dressing was 200 calories! and I'm on my diet. so ****! what do I do?

lol girl did that to me once guess I looked like here boyfriend

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yes! muahahaha everyone is replying to my comment! y'all are under my control now! muahahaha

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#77, judging by your slamming of me and your lack of a personal picture as your profile picture, your confidence is lacking.

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^ #92- Aww...cute retort. Kind of pathetic to bash on a Muppet, no? BTW, Did your iPhone and mirror break when you took that pic? If so, F their lives- Mr. Muppet will be waiting for their stories

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Considering that's not an iPhone.. no. I find your attempts to make yourself look better more pathetic than the Muppet.

Was he like: ohh, behave *giggle* ?

I thought I was the only one to think that. I'd be glad it wasn't my boyfriends ass I slapped in front of a customer at his work, since I would be more embarrassed to realize how unprofessional it made him look at his place of employment. Just be happy you look like a happy ass-slapping fool to some random strangers OP, and not someone that actually matters to you.

superg69---for ****'s sake, if you don't know how to spell it, look it up.

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Not an Iphone? I'm sorry, your sausage fingers were covering most of the device. I hope your anger helps you lose a few lbs. You're welcome.

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ms Jessie, sure it is funny but the difference is you were like 5 then lol

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The more you type, the more I laugh. More than likely, you're a huge hypocrite. But I can't tell, because your cover yourself up with a Muppet.

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#109- troll? wrong, it's a Muppet. BTW, you're cute. come here and I'll let you rub my treasure troll jewels, after you give big girl a Slim Fast

111- dude what did she do to you? you should really stop. no one wants to hear you make fun of people.

You make quite a first impression. First it was KFC, now it's your turn to double-down. If the guy didn't seem surprised, I'm sure he'll be asking his coworker if he can help tap the old lady's well. Edit: I didn't want to post here....

you women do not understand men. when I get ass slaps from unknown girls it's a good thing

it's so annoying when people keep saying the EXACT same thing. don't you guys READ the FML's

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I bet your bf knows what YOU look like from behind! :P

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Lmfao I've done that beforexD

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haha I've totally done that before..but too a girl. luckily she was pretty cool when I explained!

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oh my god. that would be so embarrasing!!!

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LOL I bet they did feel left out.

oh i love a good spanking by a hot girl.

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Wait, his Back was Facing you ???? WTF !! make up your mind. was he facing you? or was his back to you? AAAARRGGHH!!!! yer killin me !!!!!!

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how could she smack his butt from in front of him?

AHAHA. should start recognizing the back of your bf a little more.

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Was he at least better looking? Next time, be sure.

Even if it had been your boyfriend, why would you smack his butt while he's talking to a customer?

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oh my god!! that's not an fml. lol

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moderation saves the nation

My rule is always make sure you see their face before the butt-smacking begins, don't just go around butt-smacking willy-nilly...

17 Why would you want to butt-smack willy-nilly? What have they ever done to you?

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Well I guess we're just gonna have to agree to disagree on that matter...

#69 I never said I wanted to butt-smack willy-nilly.

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Huh. Whoops! Well, I MEANT that smacking butts at random is an unwise idea. :P

That's how people shake hands in some parts of NYC...

You'd think that after reading a bunch of other fmls like this one, people would check to see if the person they want to surprise is actually that person

Why would you do that when e was clearly working with a customer???