By disappointedjamaican - 31/08/2014 18:44 - United Kingdom - Coventry

Today, I won a gruelling fitness competition, only to find out the mystery prize was a voucher to get 10 free spray tans. I'm black. FML
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Not for long you're not. I'm kidding that'd make you look like a corn dog


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10% of $0 = ........... Good plan!

But why would they pay 10% more for the vouchers than they would pay to just get the spray tan? I know they're white girls but let's not be stereotypical

I wonder where the media gets it? to me stereotyping is like a big game of telephone, the original thing will get exaggerated and twisted or outright changed as it becomes more commonly known until it ends up covering an entire group.

Not for long you're not. I'm kidding that'd make you look like a corn dog

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It's a coupon not actual, bottles of spray tan.

crazytwinsmom 25

@27, it could be sessions at a tanning shop.

Oh wow I really didn't read that well. I thought it meant the spray tan bottles. Sorry for my idiocy.

No, you made a mistake. Everyone does. It's ok :)

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Your the guy who put mayo in that other guys shampoo aren't you?

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No it sucks that she got spray tan vouchers. Being a fitness challenge and not a beauty pageant I would have expected the prize to be something more health/fitness related.

Many bodybuilders who compete actually spray tan so that their muscles show better to the judges. It's pretty common even for those with skin that is already tan, etc.

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I agree with #1, sell it to a white person. Extra cash :P

I find it interesting that number 1 is + 247 while you are -19.

Because #6 could've just responded to #1's comment.

that doesn't mean everyone on fml has a reason to downvote people, fml is ridiculously critical on small mistakes. I don't get why...

Oh that sucks... Could you give it to a friend or donate it?

Misswildsides 22

Imagine being someone who donated that to charity, and how stupid you'd look. You'd be all like "yes I want to donate spray tans to this charity cause I know how much it will benefit them"

Some charitys have fundraiser nights. There, they could have an auction, where people will bid and pay money for it. So in that way, it could help a charity.

Why would a fitness competition give spray tans as a prize. that doesnt even make sense. most people wouldnt even want that for free lol

You've clearly never seen how weirdly orange body builders are.

ShannonBitt 29

a lot of body builders spray tan to look better (or just more orange) for competitions

bodybuilders tan or use oil to define their muscles more. I should know. my dad is a bodybuilder, and he used to have to put sheets in the drivers seat of the car on his way to the competition.