By Anonymous - 01/05/2012 08:24 - Australia - Bairnsdale

Today, I faked my age to win a colouring competition. I just turned 19. FML
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Age doesn't win coloring competitions...I'm 25 and would still lose

I did it for my nephew and lost to a six year old


jackery 2

Not bad

That's actually pretty bad. I'm all for coloring but really OP?

Hold on the prize may be awesome, but i guess lying is wrong so "Bad OP sit in the corner and think about what you did....and no dessert for a week"

2- comment goes well with the picture

82 - you don't say?

No, it's supposed to be you don't say with the pic :D

Age doesn't win coloring competitions...I'm 25 and would still lose

I think it's because if he couldn't have entered as someone more than x years old

Unicornszxcvb 6

How do you win a coloring competition anyway? I must know....not so I can lie about my age and win or anything! Haha..ha....

Everybody loves coloring competitions.

Until this day I can't stay within the lines because it's to mainstream. See its what the "man" wants me to do. :)

You are a fraud and should be ashamed.

I know. I want to hit YDI, but I kinda feel like that would be saying OP deserved to win..

DobiesJS2012 9

And so starts the colorful beginnings of identity theft...

58- I see what you did there... Clever girl.

I completely agree, 5. As if up and coming young artists didn't already have it hard enough, OP comes along wielding prohibited shears of wisdom just to nip them all in the bud.

I did it for my nephew and lost to a six year old

#6 - I bet that six year old's picture was also drawn by his uncle. Did you color over the lines?

JayJaysGirl 0

You have the hottest profile pic...js(:

Wicked361 8

70- WTF!?! that has nothing to do with coloring!

124 - of course it does because then they will have kids to enter into coloring competitions. Duh!

challan 19

Wow creeper alert!

XxblueyyxX 3

Hey, at least you won!(:

"Im a big kid now!!" said the five year old... So when will u say the phrase?

I would do the same...but I cannot draw to save my looks like Charles Manson wanted a logo and who drew it died and made it look worse than it already did...but still I feel your pain...

10- you should have just replied to her. I can't draw either, but I will draw something.

WHY?! Coloring is the essence of life, without coloring how would we make it through the day? How would we learn our colors? How could we thank people if we couldn't color something for them? What would children do without coloring?! Coloring helps us students with art classes and graphical design! Coloring is the meaning of life. That is why. (As you can tell, I like coloring)

Thank you for that inspirational speech. It honestly changed my view of this entire world! :')

perdix 29

Of course, it's so sad that you've been developing your coloring skills in your teen years. I hope you have been similarly diligent with your potty training endeavors.

I bet it was Ecru..

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Perhaps 'I'm messin' was a poor choice of words in this case.