By mr.nobody - 16/12/2011 14:59 - Cyprus

Today, after I sent around 300 entries to a competition hosted by a deodorant company where the main prize is a trip to Hawaii, spending around 5 hours sending the entries, I won a deodorant. FML
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flockz 19

look at your prize, now back to me. at your prize and back to me again. sadly you didn't win. but with the money i saved not sending in contest entrees i can now afford to go to Hawaii. i'm on a beach.


lkrunner101 7

That's what hapoens to the ladies too when you're around.

Well, 5 hours of entries is a lot of work. You're gonna need it.

The_Troller 14

Come on, it's not that bad. Unless you're allergic...

The_Troller 14

42- Maybe it's similar to female Mr Mime in pokemon?

At least you'll have plenty of deodorant if you ever get herpies

AwkwardNinja22 5

Hey, your life isn't ******. Don't sweat it. Da da chh.

builditbetter09 3

I live in Hawaii... U aren't missing anything.

lenalee96 22

He is missing something! I used to live there, and I miss every second of it! I miss HYOC and my HS. Virginia sucks =/

builditbetter09 3

134 well ya I guess, but it's different when you still live here because you've done all the exciting shit, but when I stayed up in Utah just for one summer I missed home so I feel your pain.

Mr. Nobody is a movie. Perhaps they're a fan.

Angelice_fml 0

How many other people read this comment in Brian's voice in their head?

Ckrius 7

That sucks FYL OP. At least you tried your best that counts for something. :) Sadly somebody who sent in ONE entry probably won the trip to Hawaii. :(

I personally don't see this as an FML. YOU sent in the entries, YOU should've known that you had a high probability of not winning. Plus it's a deodorant company, they're going to want people to use their product XD

That's what happens when you play unfairly : )

I love it when people reply to the *second* comment, thinking it's the first one.

No it doesn't, cause the deodorant will suppress the stink

mikeeg 0

C'mon Doc, you knew a pun was coming sooner or later.

I know. I just hate it when people ruin jokes, even when they are as simple and obvious as this.

I wasn't ruining it, I was enhancing the joke

poppylamonzo 0

Actually, you kind of screwed it up..:3

On no! If you smell nice girls won't be able to contain their orgasms anymore!

Yeah OP probably worked up a sweat spending all that time sitting on the computer. Such hard work... and for such a noble cause.

Angelice_fml 0

At least you won something. Most people probably didn't win anything.

Most people don't send that many entries in either.

flockz 19

look at your prize, now back to me. at your prize and back to me again. sadly you didn't win. but with the money i saved not sending in contest entrees i can now afford to go to Hawaii. i'm on a beach.

*whistles the old spice tune after reading comment*

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

8: don't be a douchebag. Just because you HAD the money to begin with doesn't make you the king of the world!!

Feronia - meets flockz. Flockz, meet Feronia.

flockz 19

Flockz, you have the right not to like a noob who calls you a douchebag. But give her time. She may figure you out yet.

Ahh... the beauty of the FML community.

Well the chances of winning are very slim wen with 300 entries..

Well the chances of anyone understanding what the **** you are trying to say with 1 entry is slim too.

only Got autocorrected to web Geeeez sorrryy

tylersign 11

30- I accidentally "upped" your comment. Keep in mind that if I could, I down it more than once.

Well the chances of winning are very slim only with 300 entries Still not a sentence.

LunaDragon 10

I think what the poor zap was thinking when he 1st read the fml was that the op sent one entry and had a chance out of 300 entries, which are slim odds. But in his haste to be one of the 1st commentators he fuged it up. And #48 your user name goes well with this thread.

1 in 300 would be pretty amazing odds for a trip to Hawaii, so I don't think that's what he meant. But you never know; he doesn't strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed.

Oooh he meant the chances to win are slim EVEN with 300 entries. Only took me 3 or so re-reads. :P

kbourco 0

He's being sarcastic you dumb f*cks

That stinks, with these contests it's RIGHT to keep your GUARD up until you are SURE of your chances. These judges for these contatst are usually a bunch of BRUTs. Hawaii is nice however the sands are SOFT and DRY, with a nice temperate climate. Unlike other areas where the climate is very ARRID. Well, at least you got something and they didn't completely BAN you from winning! Excuse me as I go upchuck....

Airman1988 9

You put way too much thinking and effort into that comment that remains not funny

Sevrandy - why do you care so much about being on the first page? Are you that much of an attention ***** that you just need to be noticed?

The THING that bugs ME about this COMMENT is the CAPITALIZATION of RANDOM words and the FACT that they seem to THINK that they are an EXPERT on the SANDS and CLIMATE of Hawaii.

It went right over your head didn't it cherry?

skyttlz 32

Cherry - um...should I bother? I, that is to say you, um...I mean...what Loserman was doing was... Oh, **** it. If it went that far over your head, it's hopeless.

Loserman is an expert on the sands and climate of Hawaii. WTF N00b??!

Really.....They are different deodorants

heyyy464 1

Do you really have nothing better to do then sit around filling out entries for a deodorant contest?

brick_man33 14

shitty luck,but at-least you have deodorant to cover it up.