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  caligal14  |  0

I would hope not... if I lost my pet I would have looked under/behind the couch first. Actually, I probably would have assumed he was dead and made an effort to look for the body...? I don't even understand why they a) never looked for the body of Toofie or b) smelled it?


Have you ever had a Hamster?? When I was a kid I had one that escaped from his cage in the upstairs of our house, and we found him a year later living in the back of a closet. He had built up a storage with all the food we'd left out to catch him and dug up the carpet to make a little bed. Hamsters are crafty little creatures when they don't want to be caught.

Toofie probably found some obscure place that the OP never goes to and lived there awhile until finally passing..and maybe it took him 3 1/2 years to die and then OP smelled him to find him?


it's true!!! my hamster I trained disappeared and then days later we found her because she somehow climbed up in my geandma's bed and when my grandma screamed we found her!!!! :D my hamster lived the rest of her 9 happy years with me. I miss her...

  humorizer  |  14

My pet hamster escaped once and we couldn't find him. Years later, I woke up only to find my family tied to chairs and their mouths gagged.

When I turned around, I was greeted with a 10 mm gun to the back of my head. Apparently my hamster had been hiding away, waiting for the perfect time to exact his revenge.

He forced me into a ball and made me run around. He then proceeded to force me to run a giant human sized hamster wheel.

Finally content, he went back in his cage and acted as though nothing happened.

  threer  |  30

Higgletown squirrel..