By Anonymous - 31/08/2014 17:51 - United States

Today, I was hiking down a steep hill, and I slipped. I instinctively grabbed the nearest object to me: a very prickly cactus. FML
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Ouch, you should probably invest in some hiking poles.

I think there's a point we can learn from this


I think there's a point we can learn from this

Sierra7211 17

I'm not seeing it. Then again, I'm not too sharp

I feel like a prick for laughing at these puns.

RedPillSucks 31

Sounds like a prickly situ....BLAM!! *shot to the face*

Sierra7211 17

It's ok, #28, you took a stab at it. I gave you a thumbs up to spear you the embarrassment of being buried

BBlah 26

Hopefully you weren't hiking alone and someone was able to help you! FYL

ChristianH39 30

And hopefully that someone had bandages

OP here! I was with a group but broke off to get to a sweet photo panorama from the top of the hill. 10/10 would do again for the photo.

Ouch! Now good luck on getting rid of those painful thorns.

I wonder how much pain OP went through while typing this

toowie_fml 20

It will be a good story later in life OP!

Jesus. That sucks balls. But not just any balls. This is like, donkey balls. That sucks ass balls, dude. FYL.

Why did you feel the need to say that with so much discription..

Daniel589 7

At least it wasn't something poisonous :p hope your hand is fine!

They're a bloody prick of a plant those ones

At least its better than rolling down the hill and bruising yourself! But still that must have been awful and i'm sorry about it.

Hope your hand heals up quickly, OP! Did it at least stop you from falling?