By IDontGetPaidEnoughForThisShit - Australia - Hawthorn
Today, on my day off, I received a call from my boss asking why I wasn't at work yet. After getting dressed and an hour-long train ride later, I got there only to find out that it was an April Fool's prank. I had to take the train back home. FML
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  Miss_Chevious  |  37

if these are the kind of fmls that the fml staff has to deal with every day, lets take a moment to admire the patience and persistence of the people who deliver us grammatically correct and fluent fmls while putting their own sanity at risk.

  Izabushel  |  65

Yep #19, the great powers that be can edit an FML that has been submitted. When my FML was published it was changed in a very minor way. Believe me, be grateful that they can, because the final form that arrives faithfully on our desktops and mobile devices is often a considerable improvement on what was submitted.

However, I am guessing there is some sort of random generator that changes words, punctuation, spelling etc throughout the whole site, because I doubt that they would have the time to individually edit all 26,921 entries for April 1st and then hopefully change it back again.

  Izabushel  |  65

#38 Whatever you do, don't do that! While normally the moderation section displays the diverse range in education levels, and the unique way some people choose to apply the rules of spelling and punctuation, when FML plays a trick, a whole new lower life form crawls forth from the bowels of FML. The bottom feeders who believe they are original in making up posts such as

"Today, I came to enjoy FML but was driven to tears of frustration by the bad spelling and grammar. My inner grammar nazi could not handle it and I had a panic attack. FML".

These are the same people who make up the bad posts about gold and blue dresses, members leaving boy bands, and possibly the hundreds who simply say "Today, my FML was rejected again. FML".

Letting these people through could destroy the balance of the universe. It's bad enough that occasionally people who make stupid rhetorical questions part of their FML get through. Why is it stupid you ask? It's unnecessary and annoying. It's the same with people who use the phrase "needless to say'.

  Marcella1016  |  31

Love going through random FMLs and figuring out the algorithm :) Some put the FMLs in all caps and change quotation marks to parentheses, some change my to "mah," some replace all e's with a's, some remove all h's, some change words ending in "ed" to just end in "d," some add "loooool" randomly within the body of the FML, and others remove random letters and/or spaces. I imagine the mods are manually tweaking the new and best/worst FMLs to put a funnier personal touch on them, and using the algorithm for the rest of the site. Love the effort!

Anyone catch any other patterns I missed?

  ironik69  |  31

I moderate. I promise you, that as a grammar and spelling nazi myself, these would not have been voted up today. I too am hoping these are April Fools jokes.