By coius - 29/11/2020 01:03 - United States - Lincoln

Home Improvement

Today, our washing machine broke and dumped around 100 gallons onto the floor. My dad had installed crappy water valves and we couldn’t turn off the water. I called my dad and he accused me of lying. His “repairs” have now caused 5 major disasters in our home due to his shoddy and cheap work. FML
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  coius  |  23

It’s called: I’m disabled with a messed up back, and I’m broke due to getting screwed in my workcomp lawsuit. Here’s a life tip: don’t get hurt in Nebraska on a job. The laws are written 100% in favor of corporations. Even with a good lawyer, the judge screwed me. And no, it wasn’t my fault I got injured, my coworkers injured me.
I tore up my back trying to access the water shut off, so i’m almost bedridden with tons of pain. My upper back is in agony right now. I already walk with a cane at 35 yrs old.

By  DoctorPALO  |  11

If you're aware that his work is cheap, shoddy, and subpar, and you haven't corrected his repairs and/or stopped letting him "repair" things, definitely YDI.