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Today, the police gave me a ticket for obstructing a loading bay as the vehicle "was not parked within the loading bay markings". I couldn't get the vehicle fully into the loading bay because there was a police vehicle in the way. FML
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I'd fight that ticket, that was totally manipulative and an abuse of authority. They had to know they were in the way, so it's their fault you had to break the rules.

Only thing left to do write them a ticket!


I'd fight that ticket, that was totally manipulative and an abuse of authority. They had to know they were in the way, so it's their fault you had to break the rules.

The actions of someone else never excuse your behaviour. Finding a different place to park, even if it was inconvenient, would have been the correct course of action.

Problem here is #7, what I got out of the FML is that OP works for the company as delivery service and needed to be at the specific loading bay which was blocked by the police car. It seems to me OP didn't have much of a choice besides to badly park to atleast do his job. Unless said cops were there on emergency, I do believe the cops were the ones that badly parked, not OP.

@1&8: Actually no. Even though you are partially right, the driver himself still made the choice to park there, thereby breaking the law. What he should have done is call his employer and/or the company receiving the delivery and say he can't make the delivery because their entrance is obstructed and let them sort it out with the police. Even though it's a d*ck move by the police, it does not give you the right to do the same. Two wrongs don't make a right...

Parking somewhere else would not have been correct at all; the whole point of a delivery is that it needs to happen at the delivery address. The next nearest large enough space to park the delivery truck and trailer would have been on the main road, which would have blocked the road and made the delivery even more difficult.

Only thing left to do write them a ticket!

I hope you took pics and vids to prove your case cuz friggin' bullcrap.

And this is how the police generate income for the city.

My mom once got a ticket for parking in our own driveway. Apparently the back of her car was hanging two inches over the line of the sidewalk. I think these parking cops get off on giving as many tickets as possible.

Well, yeah. They make money from it. In my town if you don't move your car at least every other day they can give you a ticket. They come up with stupid reasons to make you pay

Sadly, it's not always just that they like giving tickets. In most of the US, police have quotas to meet. This is a very bad system to put into place, but the US do it anyway. Some of the cops who do that have to use whatever means are available. Others, however, are just sneaky *****. The point here is to say "like the rest of us, some cops are nice and some are assholes"

Normally, I'm all for calling out ticket-happy quota-chasers (meter maids), but cops and other emergency vehicles can park wherever they like when responding to a call. And if they are in your spot, you are supposed to find somewhere else to park until the emergency is over and they leave. You're not supposed to try and shoehorn yourself into that space with them. So unless you have proof that they were just parked there for lunch and not on official business, YDI.

Well they leave their lights on when they report to a call. I would say that's pretty good evidence, no?

That's in the movies. I've seen cops report to calls in my neighborhood a dozen times over the years. They've never left the lights flashing after they parked. So no, that is not evidence. Also, OP never said anything about lights. That's just something you added.

Im a EMT on an ambulance and when im parked at a call I dont necessarily leave my lights on unless im parked on the street and blocking traffic. Lights draw people to the scene and onlookers are never helpful.

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Not all ambulances do that though. Two nights ago, an ambulance was apparently called to my next door neighbors house and they left the lights on the whole time. My room faces the street so it was blowing up my room in flashing red for a good 30 minutes or so....Not that I'm truly complaining because my heart goes out to my neighbors whom are an elderly couple and I sincerely hope they are both okay. Just making the point that some professionals leave the lights on. Whether that is recommended and/or common is beyond me however.

Its up to the EMT driving. There isnt any real policy for when the vehicle is parked.

At least you know which cop it was who gave you the ticket.

The police car was parked and unattended for 2hrs 50mins before the lone officer returned to it; I can't imagine what kind of emergency situation would take almost 3 hours to deal with yet only require the presence of one officer... The principle which will be argued in appeal of the ticket is that it was issued for a situation the police officer had caused themself. Also worth noting is that the local police authority were contacted to report the obstruction and advice given was ""you will just have to work around it". So in effect, a ticket issued for following instructions. :(