By coolguy - United States - Chesapeake
  Today, I woke up and looked over to see the "beautiful girl" I slept with last night. Turns out it was the obsessive girl from my class with a man-face I had avoided all semester. In conclusion, beer goggles are very real and very powerful. FML
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  demonte252  |  1

True story

  RS808  |  6

I've always watched my drunk friends from a sober point of view, and it has seriously discouraged me from becoming an alcoholic. Stories like this are one reason why. Lmao, suck to be you, OP, but a definite YDI.

  dragonfuego  |  11

65- I bet you haven't drunk much alcohol. From experience, you can be so drunk you don't even remember the night before, or that you slept with your girlfriends sister and best friend. I woke up feeling great, but still have no memory of the event.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Not necessarily. I've had mornings where I looked over and thought/said "oh shit" and then she woke up and said "oh shit". Mutual shame is a very real, and in this case beneficial, possibility.

  Enslaved  |  36

I think you're over looking the obsession this girl had all semester. She now probably thinks it was meant to be and will be singing,
"Yeah, baby give me one more night"!