By coolguy - 06/11/2012 05:15 - United States - Chesapeake

Today, I woke up and looked over to see the "beautiful girl" I slept with last night. Turns out it was the obsessive girl from my class with a man-face I had avoided all semester. In conclusion, beer goggles are very real and very powerful. FML
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Rosie_Posie43 12

Still a better love story than Twilight.

YDI for getting drunk enough to sleep with someone you wouldn't want to sleep with sober.


Rosie_Posie43 12

Still a better love story than Twilight.

bignut24 13

I don't knw bout that I'll rather sleep with Kristen Stewart than an obese man faced girl

Today, I got a guy from class drunk enough to sleep with me. Ilml/I love my life

koolkat27 13

52- Kristen Stewart is disgusting.

YDI for getting drunk enough to sleep with someone you wouldn't want to sleep with sober.

Drunken actions are...well drunken actions

yodas0da 12

good luck getting rid of her now haha

unknown_user5566 26

2- I agree. If OP drank enough to mask the identity of this girl, I'm surprised he didn't have to go to the hospital.

I've always watched my drunk friends from a sober point of view, and it has seriously discouraged me from becoming an alcoholic. Stories like this are one reason why. Lmao, suck to be you, OP, but a definite YDI.

65- I bet you haven't drunk much alcohol. From experience, you can be so drunk you don't even remember the night before, or that you slept with your girlfriends sister and best friend. I woke up feeling great, but still have no memory of the event.

Being an alcoholic would make her pretty forever! Except for the side effects, it's a fool-proof plan!

Yeah, aside from having no money and being permanently impaired, it works great!

Protection doesn't protect him from the worst STD of all: obsession with him

free2speak 14

Abort mission: he stuck his dick in crazy.

well, "cool guy" how cool do you feel now?

Hopefully he doesn't feel a burning sensation.

RedPillSucks 31

He got stuck inside a hunka hunka burning love

Excuse, excuses. You've secretly wanted her all semester. Admit it.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I love my women with for facial hair than myself. But the biggest turn on for me has to be a gal rockin a handle bar mustache. Mmm..haha.

#7 you reminds me of raj in the latest big bang theory episodes lol

zee16 4

Do you live under rock! How do you not know that show?

I'm not an American. I don't really watch American tv that much anyway.

There name is Emerald Isle... so maybe they don't get Big Bang in Ireland?

55- I highly recommend watching that show then. It's hilarious! :D

That's one hell of a hangover, seeing man-faced obsessive chicks after a night of drinking. Oh wait, she's actually there. Still one hell of a hangover

Oh man. Now she is really never going to leave you alone...

Maybe you did such a bad job having sex with her that she's bow out peacefully! Who am I kidding? You're screwed for getting screwed!

TheDrifter 23

Not necessarily. I've had mornings where I looked over and thought/said "oh shit" and then she woke up and said "oh shit". Mutual shame is a very real, and in this case beneficial, possibility.

I think you're over looking the obsession this girl had all semester. She now probably thinks it was meant to be and will be singing, "Yeah, baby give me one more night"!