By cookscatastrophy - 08/12/2009 08:19 - United States

Today, in aerobics, while stretching, my friend leaned over to pull the long hair off my pants. It was my pubic hair sticking through my pants, and I screamed. FML
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shave that's gross

ohhh shit...... someone needs to do some waxing. eww thats disgusting.


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YDI it for not shaving, you nasty person. Do you not know personal hygiene? Are you a cave(wo)man?

Actually, not shaving down there is actually healthier. That hair is there for a reason.

So you don't think people should shave their armpits either? Also, being completely unkempt is smelly and gross. I don't care if it's "natural."

No, armpit hair doesn't really serve an important function. Pubic hair (at least, vaganial hair), much like nosehairs, stops stuff that shouldn't be there from getting into your vag. Trim it, fine, but shaving isn't such a good idea.

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While pubic hair does "protect" the vagina, it also harbors dangerous bacteria. It's better to shave.

omg i swear i went :O in real life

Im torn between laughing, gasping and vomiting... Thats so horrible and sick OP.


Evny is retarded. I'm sure she cuts the hair on her head, wears makeup, eats corn fed beef, drives a car and does a bunch of other things that aren't "natural". Get over yourself, long pubes on a girl especially as long as OP said are fucking GROSS.

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You shampoo and condition the hair on your head dumbass.

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She is not gross or disgusting. She obviously has a different view on pubic hair length i guess. In fact some doctors recommend pubic hair because it protects against bacteria but then again the hair can be a housing for the bacteria. It all depends on what your point of view is. OP it would not hurt to trim a little. Especially if they come out of your pants. FYL

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Same here that is so disgusting! I wanna know how long exactly it was though. Cause I'm picturing about 5 to 6 inches for your friend to even notice it on your pants. How could your ever get it that long??? Are your pubes straight?! Ugh there's so much wrong with this FML.

It WAS there for a reason....thousands of years ago, now underwear serves the same purpose.

it does protect the vagina. it makes you not want to go down there. (I wonder how log it is gonna be until this either gets moderated or hidden)

What calender do you own? It's 2009. We have methods that eliminate the need for hair. YDI Chewbacca.

actually hygiene is about being clean and washing, not about shaving hair off. if it was about shaved hair, then we'd all walk around with every hair shaved off, including eyebrows and scalps. hell if being shaved was clean then men would shave their legs and pubic hairs off too. what really gets rid of bacteria? ... washing on a regular basis. but more importantly, why would someone else reach over to pull a hair from between someone else's legs anyway. sounds a bit like boundary issues...

Shaving downstairs sounds kinda wrong trimming is way better

actually it was meant in cave days to trap pheromones when I woman was able to have kids. Do your research...but whatever...since that's the case it's not needed. In fact often nowadays it would have the opposite effect.

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"Dangerous" bacteria? LOL more like "smelly" bacteria.

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except no bodily fluids are coming out of the top of your head

Actually it does....sebum.

Actually I recently read an article about this. Historically (like for the cavemen/women, etc.), pubic hair was there to protect the area from foreign particles and bacteria, but now that we wear underwear and pants, it's safe to be without the wig if you want to be.

I don't shave it off, and I'm a girl. I just trim it really short.

If its long enough to be noticeable sticking out of her pants, that's where I'd cross the line. Im definitely all for people who take care of themselves and their bodies. Not in the stereotypical way, but keeping a good appearance and upkeep is important. OP YDI for being gross. And for obnoxiously screaming after that. You're friend should have been the one screaming, NOT YOU.

so you think when people are washing their bodies with soap, they just skip over their crotch? dumbass.

i didn't know sweat wasn't a bodily fluid.

It's a personal choice. The sexiest women in the 80's were covered in hair.

shave that's gross

No Shave November is over. Clean that mess up, for everyone. Thank you.

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dont shave december

haha good one :)

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shavvvee the beast ugh nasty

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Looks like someone should have shaved their snatch...ydi

ohhh shit...... someone needs to do some waxing. eww thats disgusting.

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Maybe he/she should get a Brazilian! ;)

No, it doesn't.

perdix 29

Look at chellinha93's profile to "get" my little joke.

the little joke is in your hands when you pee :P lool

yes perdix, a brazilian would help the OP a lot....hauhauha

lmfaaooo props Godofbeer. made ma nite

nope... no it does not

YDI, no man likes a hairy muff, shave/trim it.

OP's proboply a guy... read the nickname

not only is the nickname not specifically manly, someone doing aerobics is much more likely to be female than male.

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when I saw the name I thought it said something about a cock at first too

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1) why would it be THAT long? EVER!? & 2) why would she pull a hair off of your crotch. YDI, weirdos.

trim? shave? burn?

That. But more importantly, why would your friend think it’s appropriate to stick his/her hand between your legs to remove anything (maybe I should try that)?!

want to try on moi? :P


Your hair is beast!

#6 i agree with you. it is way unbelieveable lol

YDI for stretching your friend.

ROFL! I'm glad someone else caught that.

I'm glad other people caught onto this!

that's what the comma was for dumbos..

You might want to take a weed whacker to that.

1) Invest in a pair of hedgeclippers 2) YDI for wearing your Clay Aiken thong and letting the forest grow wild.