By DeeDee - 04/02/2014 22:08 - Austria - Vienna

Today, my brother came to my first standup comedy act. He'd apparently read my material beforehand, and kept finishing my jokes for me. FML
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That's why sarcasm became so popular... What an asshole.

5, I think we're all just wondering what the hell that comment meant as a whole...

She was still drunk after the Super Bowl. Assuming she's a Seahawks fan.

Sarcasm doesn't involve jokes to be ended. And no. Football is boring. But if I had to choose.. Sure.

Us Broncos fans are still drowning our miseries too. And I'm also confused my 1s comment, to make my own comment more relevent.

Just, just get out of here... seriously go away. Don't come back. Please?

47, there's been much, much worse, especially in he comments of '09 FMLs...

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Sometimes when I'm alone I like to rub barbecue sauce all over my cat, and pretend I gave birth to it.

So much thread jacking. Change of subject, POTATOS.

I favourited this FML just so I could go back and reread this thread.

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confusion is victorious!!! You've been duped

I honestly can't think of anything stupid enough to make this even more pointless.


Haha 72 Anchorman :P It's like every single comment I make gets thumb downed. I could say up this if you live on Earth and still get downed. Oh well..


79, as a veteran FML commenter (between this account and my last I probably have around 1000 comments) one thing I've learned is this: If you get thumbed down, don't try to explain yourself. It just leads to more downvotes. Just move along. Also, saying relevant/funny stuff helps. And use correct grammar. I'm not being a grammar Nazi, but it helps.


Oh, and saying "Thumbs up this if____" will get your comment buried every time.

"**** bees!" No, **** you Dane **** (intended), bees give us honey. Wtf did you ever give us?

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should make him answering part of the act.

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That would just encourage the way he was treating his sibling, though. Smart but might have adverse effects

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Agreed. The simple answer is to feed into his need for attention; make mocking him the subject of many of your jokes. Win-win. And maybe keep your material somewhere safe and private in future.

It's hard enough to have the courage to go up there and to have it ruined by your own brother sucks. I would have ran out from embarrassment.

I would've had his ass thrown out or tried to turn my jokes into insulting him

agreed with #22 I would've went backstage, come back with a chair and throw it at him. Brotherly rivalry just got a whole lot more serious.

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I agree with 22, I would have called security on his ass!

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You should just call him a jackass every time he says something.

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Wow your brother needs to grow up and if that your job he shouldn't be messing with it.