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By  brendejafulable  |  41

Better get used to it.

  gracehi  |  31

Oh, it seems you've made a typo.

Better *kick him out, report him to the landlord, call the police, change the locks, and get a restraining order so you never have to deal with this bull shit again.

There. I fixed it for you. :)

  wanted_2_want  |  40

#4 IF you had a roommate that put a sausage in your butt while you're sleeping, would you get used to it?!! I doubt it.
Unless you're gay, in that case you will get used to it. Maybe maybe not.

By  somewizdom  |  15

Try sleeping with your clothes on for once.

  Astrum14  |  24

There's no reason to think she wasn't wearing clothes, and there's no reason why she shouldn't be able to sleep without clothes if she doesn't want to.

  katt_is_here  |  24

So, wait...if she is in her own room sleeping naked, that gives creepo the right to do things to her body? Please never ever breed and stay the hell away from all women always.

  katt_is_here  |  24

Good point, devildog. Allow me to rephrase.
#10, stay the hell away from all humans and animals if you think it's okay to do something to a person without their permission when he/she is asleep.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I may get down voted here, but I think there are a few options here. 1, they're really close friends that just moved in together and play pranks on each other all the time and this doesn't bother her as much as we assume.
2, they're friends, possibly do pranks on each other, and this does bother her.
And the scariest...
3, this is a new roommate that she either didn't know or didn't know well and he's just being a total creeper in which case she should absolutely run.
I do think there is a chance of this being #1 though because I just find it hard to believe, and find it really scary, that some creeper just does this without being best friends and in a prank war!