By Anonymous - 9/4/2021 13:00 - United Kingdom

Stay at home, especially you

Today, I got tested positive for coronavirus, caught from my antivax neighbor who doesn't understand personal space. She calls herself a "Doctor", so "knows best." She has a PhD in psychology. FML
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By  Sady_Ct  |  37

Your comment about your neighbour being an ‘antivaxer’ makes me think you had the vaccine, but if you had the vaccine you wouldn’t have gotten sick from them right?

Not all vaccines work, they are not all 100% effective. And even those that are, not everyone responds to.

This is on you for not enforcing your boundaries. There are walls and doors and you can always tell someone to leave, or you could wear a mask while you are outside. Whilst I hope you have a mild case with no lasting complications, take responsibility for your own actions.

And if you are one of those lovely munchkins like myself whose doctors refuse to allow certain vaccines due to other health complications, stop being such a dick, regardless of what you think you know about your neighbour, you don’t know their full story.