Food for thought

By datgurllllukno - 15/10/2014 06:26 - United States

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, I discovered that I climax sooner if I think about pretzels. Yes, pretzels. The food product. I'll never be able to eat them again. FML
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Maybe you should just date pretzels then.

Don't get all twisted out of shape over it


Maybe you should just date pretzels then.

"Oh, Snyders.."

Pretzels are pretty damn sexy if you ask me.

I'm sure OP's boyfriend won't mind that she finishes soon. Unless of course OP says anything.

If it's those honey mustard and onion pretzels, I understand.

My dog's name is Pretzel...

#55 THANK YOU! For having such a important and VERY interesting comment that will be so important to the FML community! You will be remembered for eternity! *she says in a VERY sarcastic tone*

Wow, #81, that wasn't an overreaction at all. 0.o And the asshat of the day award goes to...

#81 Like your comment had any meaning?

She may be with your dog.

Maybe that's good that you can climax faster

Well you can't blame yourself! Pretzels are amazing!

Totally. I'm jealous.

But, food is good.

Imagine wat pizza does to people

Or in n out!

Don't get all twisted out of shape over it

Are you thinking about hard pretzels? ...or soft pretzels?

Those curly pretzels or pretzel rods? Because if it's a stick pretzel or rod, I can see how it would help.

Sex with food gets a whole new meaning!

Hey if that's what gets you off, I won't judge..*secretly wonders what the hell is wrong with OP* say you won't judge, and then immediately proceed to judge?

Yeah, I think that's the joke.

Judging by all the down votes, I don't think it was very funny.

59 gets it..

ayee.... pretzels are good though...

Pretzels are almost the perfect food though. Just add bacon and then I'd get off on it too.

Maybe if you ate them while having sex it would give you a bigger, better and faster O, and your boyfriend something to wonder about.

Trolling during sex! I love it!!! LOL

Sounds twisted!

Don't be so salty. Maybe it was a pretzel rod!