By nolips - 19/11/2009 15:53 - Norway

Today, my girlfriend woke up very early in terrible pain. I drove her to the hospital and fell asleep in the waiting area. When I woke up, my car was gone and it was 9am. She had assumed I just walked home (32 miles), so she took the car. I was the only one in the waiting area. FML
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Is anyone else wondering how she got the damn keys? He drove, why would he hand over keys to her while she was heading in to the hospital?

Her pain must have messed up her critical thinking skills. First, who expects a person to WALK thirty-two miles, especially at nine in the morning??? And second, if you'd walked, she would have probably passed you on the way home, since cars drive a lot faster than people can'd still be walking home when she parked the car at your house! FYL for having an idiot girlfriend. Maybe her "terrible pain" was a result of straining the few brain cells she has available to her.


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YDI for falling asleep. Did you care at all?

If she woke up very early and was out by 9, he had probably barely slept. And what was he supposed to do in the waiting room anyways? OP: This is what cell phones are for.

You are a horrible monster. Also a troll. I had a similar event two weeks ago, but I was the one in pain, and I fell asleep at the hospital too. Getting up early in the morning in a huge hurry always leaves you tired.

You're a dumbass. Most of the time you can't be with the person you brought in and all you can do is wait in the waiting room at hospitals, and if it was early, CLEARLY he would be prone to fall asleep.

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Yeah, he didn't care at all. Hence the reason he drove her to the ******' hospital in the first place and didn't just roll over and go back to sleep. Ass.

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Oh wow. I know people aren't supposed to break up with people because of things like this, but there's a limit. I mean offense to everyone who takes offense to this, the OP's girlfriend is a dumbass.

the closest hospital is 32 miles away? or were you just trying to drag out her pain for funsies?

yeah most likely, not saying it's fake but kind of sucks for them. don't know much about norway, honestly.

Its far to the nearest hospital for me at least, but Norway has great medical treatment so its okey

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oh my god could you be any more of an attention seeking attentio *****?! HOW THE FUDGE COULD SHE DRIVE HOME WHEN YOU HAVE THE KEYS AS YOU DROVE HER THERE?! unless you just happened to decide to give her the keys while she was being checked up on. turd nozzle!

Don't worry, your accountabilabuddy will be with you soon.

OR, it could be as in almost every relationships, and as it is with almost every car (I dont know what kind of car YOU have); There are TWO carkeys. And they each have one. Dumbass.

Not gonna lie, I've never heard of people in relationships who each have a pair of keys for the other's car... But maybe that's just me? I don't have a key to my boyfriend's car and he certainly doesn't have a key to mine. The spare key is kept in a cupboard at home. And anyway, why would they both get into the same car with keys to it, she would obviously know that he has the key and hence they don't need it. Just doesn't make sense to me. OP: Hope your girlfriend is feeling better! :)

You're forgetting that she didnt see him and drove home assuming that he walked. If she did that, then she would take and extra car key

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eerrr retardo what idiots in a relationship would travel in a car and BOTH BRING KEYS?!?!?! do you see the amount of intense fail in your post? youre just a retard gullible douchebag who believes every story he hears! fucktard!

To everyone saying "how did she drive home without the keys?" - perhaps she had her own set in her handbag?? And to natizakhi who said "what idiots in a relationship would travel in a car and BOTH BRING KEYS?!?!?! do you see the amount of intense fail in your post?" I'll tell you what idiots: me and my husband, and lots of other people I know. I take my keys with me everywhere I go, even if I'm going out with my husband, in case we end up deciding to go home separately or someone locks their keys in the car or whatever. And my keyring has a car key on it. So if I go out with my husband when he's driving, I will also have a car key in my handbag. Even before we were married I carried one of my then-boyfriend's car keys with me everywhere because he locked his in the car several times. I think you're the one with massive amounts of intense fail in your post, because not only are you WRONG, but you had to act like a total douche in the process and now it's come back to bite you on the backside. Re: OP - that sucks, but perhaps the hospital staff showed her out a different entrance to the one you were waiting in? And besides, couldn't you just call her to come pick you up?

Is anyone else wondering how she got the damn keys? He drove, why would he hand over keys to her while she was heading in to the hospital?

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that's exactly what I was thinking !

She probably has her come with two sets

Her pain must have messed up her critical thinking skills. First, who expects a person to WALK thirty-two miles, especially at nine in the morning??? And second, if you'd walked, she would have probably passed you on the way home, since cars drive a lot faster than people can'd still be walking home when she parked the car at your house! FYL for having an idiot girlfriend. Maybe her "terrible pain" was a result of straining the few brain cells she has available to her.

Also, as others have said...why would she have the keys when you're the one who drove her there? Unless she picked your pocket when you were asleep..but then she wouldn't have assumed that you walked home. Something just isn't adding up here.

No the part that isn't adding up is the walking while the car was still there. Personally if my girlfriend gave me that excuse I'd have to falcon punch her and then have her walk to the hospital. Seriously if you came in a car you're going to leave in a car and if you're there for your girlfriend because she's in the hospital any good boyfriend wouldn't leave. Sounds like the GF didn't want to look around for her BF so she stranded him there. Too many WTF moments on why the BF would leave his sick gf alone at the hospital (hell they want you to stay if you drove unless they are admitted) and why would he walk 32 miles when his car was there.

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Actually, what I think happened.... She came out, saw him asleep, figured he didn't care enough to stay awake, and she either took the keys or had her own set, and drove home alone. It was early, the OP was tired, and I think that he would have fallen asleep whether he cared or not, but that's just my take on things.

I don't know how hospitals work over in Norway, but here in Indiana, you can spend an entire 12 hours waiting around and doing nothing, especially when you're in the ER. I went in at noon one day and didn't get out until 11 PM. Thankfully, we live about three miles from the hospital, so my boyfriend was able to drive home and drive back to pick me up. If the poster woke up and it was only 9 AM, chances are that they were there a long time before that. Probably 4 or 5 AM, which is a disgusting hour to have to wake up and drive to the hospital. So you can't really blame him for taking a nap in the waiting room. He probably expected her to shake him or otherwise wake him up when it was time to leave. And again...who the hell expects a person to WALK thirty-two miles home? So...yeah...F his life for having an idiotic bitch for a girlfriend. I agree with you two. Lol.

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Your girlfriend is a complete idiot. No one would walk 32 miles that early in the morning and just leave the car for them to drive home, especially since she would probably pass you walking on the way home. Get a new girlfriend, her brain is obviously broken.

how did she get the keys? i'm assuming you drove, so you had the keys, so she would have had to taken the keys from you, in which case she knew you were there. and that's pretty stupid to think you walked home. i don't know this sounds pretty messed up.

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Okay so to everyone who says how did she get the keys there are 3 things to take into consideration: 1.) Maybe in Norway crime isn't such a problem so he left the keys in the vehical 2.)He was in such a hurry because he was worried about his girlfriend he forgot the keys in the vehical 3.) They obviously live together maybe they own the car together and she has a spare set of keys in her purse. All of these are plausable so its not fair to jump down the OP's throat calling him an attention ***** etc etc just because he didn't explain the situation as best as he should have... FYL for having a spinny girlfriend dude

4.) Magnetic key on exterior of car 5.) Keyless entry/fingerprint recognition (not saying this is the most likely but they do make vehicles that have this) 6.) Girlfriend pickpockets her boyfriend while he sleeps (most likely scenario /s)

I have my own set of keys to my bfs car, and he has a set to mine

Still. You all fail terribly. A car has two keys. One to serve as a "main", and one to serve as a "spare". They each got one. He drove her, since she was in pain, and should not be driving. Hence, they both got their keys with them, and she used her to drive home alone. Most people, even the ****** up ones, like she's obviously are, carries their ID (which is used at the hospital) and their keys in their pockets/purses. And if they leave home with one, they'll probably leave home with the other as well. Therefore, she had her own key. You're all fail. You're all dumb. You should send in your own "fml", typing "I got born".

"You're all fail. You're all dumb"? Hark who's talking, genius. The term is "You fail", not "you are fail". Durrrrrrr.

Why, I think you're right. I forgot "a". As you see, I did write "right" at the beginning of the post, and at the end of the post, I was going to write "you are all a fail". So, I'm stupid, dumb and an imbecile for forgetting an "a". Are you serious? I forgot an "a", and you forgot an entire carkey? Who's the real fail?

Oh, I also forgot to add that "I got born" is completely incorrect, and should be "I was born". If you're going to speak like a hillbilly, please don't call other people dumb. Thanks! Besides that, my car only has one set of keys. The car isn't in my name, so my boyfriend has the keys and lets me use them whenever he wants. He has his own truck, so I drive the car. You ASSUME that all people have two sets of keys. This is not necessarily so. We got our car secondhand, it only came with one set of keys, and we never bothered to get the key copied for a second set since only one person is using the car. 1) You fail at English. 2) You fail at sweeping generalizations. Combine point 1 and point 2 and you fail at life along with us. Now sit down and have a beer with us lowly failures!

You are fail is perfectly okay. Sometimes, using it as an adjective is simply not enough...

I refer to #16, where I say "most cars". Who fail at english? The one with another language than english as native language who messed up some spelling, or the one with english as native language who cannot even read? And by that single message, I counter both of you accusations. My assumptions wasn't wrong, because I made no assumption. Besides, you're not making completely sense. Either you're lying, or you're wipped. "My car" in "my boyfriends name", and "he lets me use it". Either it IS your car, and he has no say in it whatsoever when or why you use your car. Or; It IS his car, and he DOES let you use it whenever you want, but then it's not your car. If it is as the second alternative I presented, you're lying. I dont like liars. If it is as you say, or the first alternative I presented, you're wipped. In that case, get back to the kitchen, woman, and dont try to butt in when the real people talk. And for the record. Who the hell buys a car, without getting ALL keys? That's just like asking for whomever you bought it from to "steal back the car we bought from you!". Still. You're a dumbass. And now I'm referring to specifically you, myfriend_youfail. Your assumptions skill fail to, by the way. You assume I drink. I dont, and even if I did, I certainly wouldn't be drinking with you. As you said, you are just a lowly failure, why should I even think of fraternizing with you?

1. I say "my car" because I'm the one who usually drives it. It is in his name, but I drive it. Thus in a very informal, offhand way, I call it "my car", since he rarely sits in the driver's seat of said car. If you want to get TECHNICAL, it is legally his car, but since I drive it 99.9% of the time, I refer to it as mine. 2. As I said, we got the car used. We bought it off his mother who had lost the spare key years ago. Again, we didn't bother to replace it, since only one person would use the car. 3. How was I to know that English was not your first language? The human race is not a psychic one, you know. 4. Oh yes. "Get in the kitchen". Very classy and trollish. Let me lace your virtual sandwich with arsenic, oh important master! 5. Offering you a drink ON THE INTERNET when there is no possibility or probability of us ever meeting was a metaphorical olive branch. An offering of goodwill and good humor. Way to go. You've not only mistaken my meaning of "my car", you've also shown that you're a rather trollish and crude person with low regard for females and no regard for a friendly online "peace offering". You may now kindly go **** yourself with whatever foreign object you deem suitable.

What makes you think that? Because of that sarcastic "kitchen-thing"? Why, apparently it's ok when her boyfriend treats her that way (remember, he lets her use her car whenever HE wants), but it's not ok when I say something like that to make her realize what's happening? Yeah, I agree, I can be unpleasant when I meet someone retarded, but I'm not an idiot. And for the record, yes, I am very aware that she might just have spelled the whole thing wrong, and meant "whenever she wants". But it's less acceptable for me to jump and "attack" her bad spelling, than when she's doing it? Kindergarten stuff, perhaps, but I just dont think she's supposed to throw a rock in a glasshouse.

My comment had nothing to do with your kitchen comment. I meant it because (you seem to like lists so I'll make you one): 1) You micro-analyze every single word and comment 2) You cannot spell/properly use grammar. Where are you from? Okay, maybe my comment was a bit harsh.

EDIT: this was the same post that I just posted. FML, for some reason, decided to double-post me. Lovely.

Okay,,,what the comment was here just a second ago. In fact, it prompted me to post that EDIT comment during a double-post moment. Okay, take two, just in case it didn't go through the first time... I meant to say "he lets me use the car whenever I want to", not "he lets me use the car whenever he wants to". My fingers got a bit ahead of my brain. Shit happens. Let's just both agree that we're asses. That way we both win and can both move on to bigger and better FMLs.

1. So, you fail to mentions stuff about "your car", which makes it easy for misunderstandings, but you cant stand OP leaving things out? I refer to #14, where you just say "something just doesn't add up". On #40, you say it's a fake fml, since it's too illogical to be true, suggesting that something is lacking in the story. 2. And your car didn't have a second key, you say, yet you admit the second key being lost? That means, there were a second key. Doesn't really matter if you have the key or not, even your car had one extra. 3. Well.. this thing do have profiles. And mine clearly states I'm swedish. 4. Oh, I see sarcasm! Did you notice the same thing in mine? No? Dumbass. 5. You need to upgrade your "good humor". Offering alcoholic beverages isn't something everybody likes, regardless if their on the internet or not. An olive branch is one thing, but why does it have to be something like "a drink"? Why cant you just be honest instead, and offer "an appology", or just say "could we drop this now, and continue as friends"? And no, I dont have low regards for females. It's just idiots. I was sarcastic, and if you thought my sarcasm towards a retard was out of line, then so be it. I appologize for the sexistic-part of it, but not for the "I hereby crown you a retard"-part. And the online peace offering thing? How pointless isn't that? I could tell you I give you the moon, it doesn't matter. Online, words matter. Not "drinks". And for the "****-myself" part of your unbelievably funny message (no, no sarcasm, I acctually laughed at your spirit. It showed me you weren't as wipped as I suggested, and that, I enjoyed), could I choose you? I promise, it's not going to be as bad as you might think.

Oh, sorry. Your message didn't show when I began writing mine. Could we just say "mine came before yours"? Yes, I agree. Lets leave this behind us. But I dont like the "we're both asses" part. I dont consider myself an ass. Lets say none of us are asses.

Lol. That actually made me giggle. A little. Sorry, I'm unavailable. But I do have an attractive sister, would that work? I actually couldn't access your profile, apologies for that. For some reason, I'm unable to click on a person's nickname. I blame my ancient laptop that I got thirdhand. Ah, how I wish we could continue our verbal riposte, but the aforementioned boyfriend is home with the salmon steaks for dinner, so I'll bid you good evening...morning...whatever time it is over there. Have fun with my sister? :P

Oh, a sister? That does sounds nice. Is this sister perhaps joined by HER sister at holidays? That would be swell! I accept that, even though my earlier statement of "offering real things online is crap". Only one thing.. are you going to send her by mail, or am I supposed to bring her home by myself? Oh. That I did not know, and you have my sympathies. "Ancient technology" is quite hard to make compatible with "our days" technology, or so I've heard. Both McKay and Rush have said so. It's evening here. As I'm typing this, it's even night, depending on how you want to see it. It's less than an hour left of this day, anyway. You can keep the salmon, but I do appreciate your sister. I'm quite certain of it, anyway. And to be honest, I enjoyed it too. Not often one come across someone this fun to write obsceneties with. Retard or not, you're fun!

Parcel post, my friend, just for you! Forgive her Southern twang, though, she's from Louisiana. And you just got 100000 Internets for using a Stargate reference. 6000000000 Internets, even. I'm currently working through the Atlantis series while watching the new Universe series on Fridays. Just got past the one where Beckett dies, which thoroughly SUCKS as I'm now down one smexy Scotsman. I just found out that it'll take 35 minutes to cook the rice. Epic Rice Fail.

Oh, I'm taking it back. Someone that gorgeous cant be a retard. And yes, I found you. Just a few click with the mouse, and then compy-pasta with the keyboard, and anyone these days can be Magnum P.I. I'm still not completely sure as to whom your sister is, but I'm sure she's gorgeous too ;)

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Calling people fail and failing at it. Oh the irony!

I didn't know they had meetings for ppl w/ mensaral cycles. I thought that's why women pee in pairs.

A MENSTRUAL cycle is a woman's period. MENSA is a "smart people's club". Fail at attempting to make a joke....the play on words wasn't even that clever.